How to serve

Opportunities to serve

Part of our commitment as Christians is to serve others in the body of Christ.

“…in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to us.”  Romans 12 : 5-6

Finding out an area of service for you

There are many areas of service and we’re committed to helping you find those that are most suitable for you. Previous experience can be helpful but it is often not necessary.  All that is needed is a willingness to serve. From the more practical areas to teaching at JJs there should be something to fit everyone’s gifts and time commitments.

What about training ?

Wherever possible where training is needed, we will provide it. (Although for involvement in any of the Music Ministry programmes, specific skills would be necessary.) There are some areas of service, such as teaching others we will train you so you feel confident.

Is there a place for me?

There should be! - the ministry of St Johns is far too big for any one person alone!  What’s more there’s a regular turnover in the congregation .  All this means we are constantly on the look out for more people to help.

How can I take the next step ?

Why not contact Bruce the Parish Priest.