Date: November 3, 2018
Time: 10:30am-21:30pm
Location: St John's, Wimbledon

WIMF is keen to encourage as many performing musicians to become known to, and to associate with, the Festival.

On Saturday 3 November there will be a day of music making with a series of performances to informal audiences.

There will be 4 sessions of 2 hours:
10.30am -12.30pm
13.30pm – 15.30pm
16.00pm – 18.00pm
19.30pm – 21.30pm

Each a kind of ‘Gala Performance’ offering a collection of shorter works.

We welcome the participation of both professionals and amateurs, in self-formed groups, or with piano or instrumental accompaniment, or solos.

We are happy to have any genre of music, though reflecting the Festival we anticipate that the majority will tend to be classical. We also encourage that the works be rehearsed to performance standard.

The idea behind PlayFest is to build the community of performing artists and to stimulate active music making leading towards a performance.

For professional musicians any registration fee (See download) will be returned and a token fee offered.

Please register with Jess Cresswell, Festival Producer

Supported by a grant from Arts Council England

Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist