Ash Wednesday

Date: February 17, 2021

Dear Friends,

Our services for Ash Wednesday can be found online here:

Our order of service can be found here Ash Wednesday Online.pdf

*Daily Prayer*

Since late March last year, Morning Prayer has been recorded almost every
day, and more often than not with a brief Thought for the Day on the Old
Testament passage. Perhaps during Lent you might want to listen via our
Soundcloud page?

Recommendations of Lent books shall be sent out on Saturday.

*Team Lent Groups*

The Team Lent Group will be held on Zoom at 2pm Tuesdays or 8pm Wednesdays,
depending on your preference. Further details can be found here Course
Overview Lent Course.pdf

*The Bishop of Kensington*

Last Saturday I tried to share a recent article with you but the link
didn’t work, so I’ll try again, here

*Rosie Reflects*

*Last year, I remember Stephen joined others from the team to ash commuters
on their way to and from work. Despite us having almost a full year to get
used to where we are, it still catches me that it cannot happen this year.
I don’t know about anyone else, but Ash Wednesday has – for a long time –
been one of the most poignant services of the Church year for me. It is
stripped back, it speaks of our mortality, it is soaked in a call for
repentance, reflection and hope.*

*There are reasonable arguments that for many, it doesn’t feel like last
Lent quite ended and that getting through this Lent would be enough. It is
easy for Lent to be a time we give up odd pleasures in life (chocolate or
alcohol being oft-spoken), but I wonder what action or inaction pulls us
from God? When I sit with that, I am amazed at what bubbles to the surface.
This Lent I would like to turn to God more and consider what invitations
are there. I’ve spent time this week dwelling on mortality. I understand
this last year has made some of us consider our mortality more so than ever
before. For me, that isn’t a morbid thing to do. When we consider the
ending of our physical life, I think it helps us be transformed by God
through hope, shaping how we live out the rest of our lives. *

*Today I pray for the whole community of St John’s, as well as others
around the world who will be observing Lent, that through our repentance
and reflection, we may know the hope of God and be able to share that in
some small way with the world. For we remember that we are dust, and to
dust, we shall return. Amen.*

With kind regards,

Stephen & Rosie

Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist