Bible Sunday

Date: October 25, 2020

Dear Friends,

I’m afraid that due to a technical fault (but one we should now be able to
avoid) we were not able to record all of the service from this morning, but
the first part of the service and the sermon have been uploaded online:

We hope to hold a service of Evensong next week on Sunday 1st Nov – our
first since February!

This morning we marked Bible Sunday. How can we learn more about the Bible?
The Bible Project is a relatively new website, telling the story of
scripture in 15 min short clips summarising the Bible, or particular books,
or specific topics. As we are coming to the end of the Year of the Gospel
of Matthew, do take a moment to watch the summary of the gospel – and
perhaps consider watching the summary of the upcoming Gospel of Mark?
[ <>].

For those who prefer to read, do consider reading the highly acclaimed *A
History of the Bible* by John Barton (Allen Lane, 2019) or *The Bible: The
Story of the King James Version* by George Campbell (Oxford University
Press, 2010).

Church House Publishing, the official printing-house of the Church of
England publishes Bible notes for Sunday worship, and also daily
reflections following the Church of England calendar, are available in a
book or via an app []
The Bible Reading Fellowship also offers monthly booklets (and apps!) to
encourage bible reading at home []

Last year I encouraged people to take up Nicky Gumbel’s Bible in One Year
Challenge. Given the unexpected stresses of this year that came upon us,
perhaps that might have been a bit bold, so here are two plans to read
through the entire New Testament: over 90 Days (click here) o
over a Year (click here).

And finally, a reflection from Rosie on last week’s Feast of St Luke: Rosie
Reflects St Luke.pdf

With kind regards,

Stephen & Rosie

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