Evening Prayer

Date: June 7, 2020

Good afternoon,

Our service of Evening Prayer can be found here:


Our anthem tonight is *Jesus leads us to the Father* recorded remotely by
St Martin’s Voices in their homes, and edited together.

*Jesus lead us to the Father by your Spirit, *
*help us draw near.*
*Jesus lead us to the Father by your Spirit, *
*help us draw near.*

*As we come with awe and gladness,*
*help us draw near.*
*As we come with awe and gladness,*
*help us draw near.*

*Alleluia, alleluia, *
*help us draw near.*
*Alleluia, alleluia, *
*help us draw near.*

St James Sussex Gardens in North London has made this excellent little
video for Christians of all ages regarding today’s feast of the Holy
Trinity: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=906804163078124

The Rev’d Dr Thomas Plant, Chaplain of Lichfield Cathedral School has been
busy making little sermon videos during lockdown. They are ostensibly aimed
at his students but are applicable to all ages! The videos for Trinity and
Pentecost are particularly good.

Events of the week have produced much reflection across the Anglican
Communion, and I can only offer a smattering of local responses:

– Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury:
– Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark Cathedral:
– The Archdeacon of London

On Monday we shall commemorate Thomas Ken, 17th century bishop and
hymnwriter: You can find more about him here

For those looking for something to properly ponder away from your screen, I
might commend a little booklet on *God and the Pandemic* by NT Wright
(formerly Bishop of Durham), perhaps one of the most prolific Anglican
writers alive. This is only 88 pages, but it is well worth reading – in
full transparency, I was given an early copy to review by the publisher:
(click here

A glimpse of St John’s this morning, this time with emphasis on the Holy
Trinity. (I’m afraid I forgot to take a snap of the Apostle’s Creed still
visible through the whitewash. There are probably less obvious signs and
symbols present. I’ve never got around to reading Willam Whytle’s
*Unlocking the Church: The Lost Secrets of Victorian Sacred Space* which
probably explains such things…)

With kind regards,


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