Mid-week update from St Johns

Date: January 27, 2021

Dear all,

Let me start with this fab picture of sunrise at St John’s that Abbie took
on Sunday morning, before the snow started – what an amazing thing to
see. I hate to think how early you were up to take this Abbie, but thank
you very much for sharing it! I’ve got a snow photo-montage later on, but
thought this one needed its own space!

*Open PCC meeting, 3rd Feb 8.15pm*
The start of the next PCC meeting will be open to anyone on the parish
electoral roll, as Mandy has invited Marcus Beale to talk us through the
proposals for the two new houses to be built on 3 Arthur Road (planning
permission depending) before the committee decides whether to take them to
planning stage. One of these will become the St John’s vicarage.

I sent out the link to this meeting yesterday. Anyone who is on the
electoral roll has been invited – I think that is most of the people who
get this too, but if you aren’t yet on the electoral roll, and would like
to be, please email me, and then I can send on the link to the meeting,
should you wish to see what is planned.

*The Recycled Christmas Cards*
I totted up the Sum Up transactions from that lovely little card machine
that Stephen bought for me before Christmas (well, it may not technically
be mine, but I have certainly enjoyed playing the shopkeeper with it) and,
along with the old-fashioned cash payments, the recycled cards made a total
of *£305.16* for the lighting fund (the card machine takes a 1.2% cut,
hence the odd amount of pence at the end). Thanks very much again to the
crafting group, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to make this lovely
amount of money.

Thanks also to everyone who said they would save this year’s cards for me
to recycle. Originally I was thinking you could just bring them to
church, but if you’d rather get rid of them sooner, please let me know, and
I can arrange a time when I’m passing to pick them up. I’ve made a start
guillotining the pile I have down to size ready for sticking on, and am
finding the process a strange mixture of boredom and therapy, it’s also
slightly addictive seeing the growing pile of tidy cards coming out of the
chaos. So, any additional fuel to keep me going will be gratefully

*UK Holocaust Memorial Day 27th Jan* (today)
Gillian from the local Residents Association sent out an email about this,
so I thought I would pass it on in case anyone is interested – The
organisers have asked everyone to ‘lighten the darkness’ by lighting a
candle at 8pm today and leaving it in the front window of houses, as a
reminder that the genocide is not forgotten. (There is the caveat ‘if you
can do so safely’, should you be toying with the idea of doing something

*And finally…*
Here are some chilly snow pics, and a short video – thanks to Dudley,
Catherine, Abbie and Anthea for sending them in.

Jan 2021 snow.pdf
Snow at St John-s.MOV


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