Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: June 25, 2020

Dear friends,

It was lovely to be able to open the church on Sunday for the first time,
and to see the first few familiar faces not on Zoom!  Just a reminder that
St John’s will be open tonight from 6-7pm as well.  No spoilers, but it’s
entirely possible that Rob and/or James may be practicing the organ later,
so there could be some music too.

*Thank you!*
A few things came out of Sunday: The main one was – when spritzing pews
after people left (in case someone came to sit in the same place after) – I
realised that there was a film of dust on every pew that the hoover hadn’t
been able to remove…  I’d like to thank my Ace Cleaning Team who turned
up yesterday, headed up by Anthea and comprising Rob, James and my son
Nick, as between us, we managed to clean the lot, ready for tonight.  Many
thanks to you all, really appreciate your hard work, and it was lovely to
see you too!

*Modified opening hours at St John’s*
The other thing mentioned, was that some people would like to have a
dedicated time when it’s possible for vulnerable people ONLY to visit
church.  Now that we’ve opened once and have an idea what it’s like, we’re
just thinking about when would be the best time to do this, and will update
you when we have a time – but something will be in place for this weekend.

*Choir Rehearsals – outside*
Rob has been brilliant, arranging a weekly Zoom choir rehearsal on Fridays
for the St John’s Singers, but he’s really keen to get us singing together
again before services restart.  Looking at the latest lockdown rules, it
seems that we might be able to meet up in sections of no more than 6
people, 2m apart, outside.  Anna saw this band practicing on the common,
and we were wondering if we might be able to borrow someone’s garden on
Friday nights to do something similar.  If you have a garden that you
might be willing to ‘lend’ the St John’s Singers on Friday evenings (prob
6.30-7.45pm-ish), please could you let Rob  music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk
<mailto:music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk>  or me know – thanks so much!

*Another thank you -*
Simon, our treasurer, has just given us a Quickbooks update, and advised
that we have collected £555 for Yunghee (we are thinking £500 in John
Lewis vouchers, and then a little something to open) and £440 for Rob’s
music pot, so he can organise recordings of anthems for St John’s.  Thank
you all so much for donating, it’s very generous and much appreciated.

*Some Garden treats*
Thank you to Ursula and Andrew for sending over these lovely pics from
their garden –

*Rose with Bee* (- love it!)


*Pineapple Bush*

I was looking for something to tag on to the end of this email.  How about
this poem from Gyles Brandreth –

Gyles Brandreth poem.mp4


Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist