Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: July 1, 2020

Dear friends –

It was lovely to see those of you who were able to come to St John’s on
Sunday, and thank you for coming slightly later if you were under 70, which
enabled more people to drop in for private prayer.  We are also open on
Wednesdays from 6-7pm, if you would prefer to come at that time – it’s much
quieter then, if you would prefer to spend some time in church with less
people around.

*Lighting Update*
My thanks to Ken, Ursula and Catherine, who last night ensured that all the
required paperwork was submitted to the diocese so that it can be reviewed
(and hopefully approved) at the next DAC meeting in two weeks time.  A
huge amount of work has gone into providing all the information that
was required – I know it has taken hours and hours of time to get
everything together.  The final application looked brilliant and we are
all so grateful to you for everything you have done.

*Porch Repainting*
I have some more thanks, slightly related to the lighting project – a
little group of us have decided to get the North Porch tidied up and
repainted internally before one of the old chandeliers is installed there.
First of all thanks to Richard who has masterminded the operation and who
is arranging to have the chandelier cleaned up properly, and then to Simon
(our treasurer) who has been able to supply all the paint that we need at
cost price through his work. He’s also provided us with a smogarsbord of
brushes, rollers, extenders, pots etc with which to apply his paint.  And
also, I must mention Ritchie from *Halliday’s Hardware* on Leopold Road,
who always gives a very healthy discount for anything we buy for church,
and even gave me a few bits and pieces for free when he found out what we
were doing – if you get the chance to use this fab local hardware shop
please do (apart from the discounts, I think it’s the only place I’ve ever
been called ‘poppet’).  We’ve made a start today at the lower level, but
will need a tower scaffold for when we get nearer the roof.  I’ve found
one that I could buy, but on the off-chance that anyone might have one at
home, if possible, we’d love to borrow it for a few days… We need to have
a platform about 3m high (which I think translates to a 5m scaffold), as
the roof is 5m above the floor.  (I know this is quite an odd request!).
Please do let me know if you think you might be able to get your hands on

*St John’s Singers*
We had a rather exciting choir rehearsal on Friday – off Zoom for the first
time in months, and in a most fabulous garden on Lauriston Road, thanks to
a friend of Dudley’s who offered it to us.  We were obviously limited to a
max of 6 at any time, so had to rehearse separately, but it was so lovely
to see others for real, after all these Fridays on Zoom.  We are now
waiting to hear about any updated guidance on singing at church, which is
currently verboten; some interesting testing being carried out in
laboratories to see what increased effect singing may or may not have on
spreading particles in the air.  Let’s hope they find in Singing’s favour.

*Summer Flowers*
Diana sent me these beautiful pics of her garden (remember the fuscia hedge
photos from earlier this year; THAT garden!) and she also popped in one of
the choir from Friday to show that we really did make it outside.

Summer Flowers 2.pdf

Oh – I’ve just looked at the clock and seen it’s tomorrow already, I must
go to bed!


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