Mid-Week Update from St John’s

Date: July 8, 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well – All good here, except I’m definitely feeling
rather stiff after painting the church porch this week – clearly I haven’t
been doing nearly enough exercise up to this point in lockdown, and
actually come to think of it, I don’t think I ever had any arm muscles –
Well, I do now. I’d just like to thank Rosie B and family, especially her
daughter (and grandson), who very kindly drove over from Dulwich yesterday
with a scaffold in the back of their car for us, so we could reach the
underside of the roof. Also thanks to my son Michael, who helped me build
the scaffold up and then washed down the walls with me (in lieu of what
would have been his games afternoon at school), ready for painting today.
Thanks also to other son Nick, who has been there day after day, helping
Richard and me clean down, do undercoat, and finally today paint the timber
ceiling and the walls.

Tomorrow Richard and I are going to give the side windows a good clean –
because now we feel they are letting the place down(!) and then the porch
will be ready and waiting to receive the newly refurbished chandelier when
it comes back from the factory. Richard is also currently giving the
notice boards a bit of TLC, so ‘The Porch’ should be really quite the place
to be, when everything is back up!

*Answers to the Radio Times Sitcom Quiz*
Thanks to again to Richard for supplying this quiz, and also for the
answers below –
IMG_20200704_RT quiz ans.pdf

*Summer Flowers
*Vernell’s – Thank you for sending over a great crop of photos for this
week’s update – I wish our garden looked more like this, but I think that
probably only happens when you spend a lot of time caring for it.
Summer Flowers 3.pdf

*Off to Sussex*
Just so you know, we’re off to Sussex this weekend for a week, so I won’t
do a mid-week update next week. We’re going to stay with my brother, and
as my parents live in the same village, it means we get a chance to catch
up properly with them too. We went down for a night last weekend and did
a couple of lovely walks; here are some photos I took on the way round, so
you can appreciate why we are going back. And, I didn’t manage to get a
photo yet, but my brother has a couple of fledgling woodpeckers who come to
his bird table, so it’s my aim of the week to bring you a pic of that back
for the next update. And possibly his garden hedgehog too.
Sussex views.pdf

*Finally -*
I don’t know if you saw this on the news, it came up on my phone and I
rather surpassed myself by managing to send myself the link… I’ve watched
it quite a few times and it still makes me laugh. I hope you enjoy it



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