Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: August 19, 2020

Dear friends –

First of all, apologies for not sending an update last week – unfortunately
I have no good reason, I just totally forgot it was Wednesday….
However, that makes this week’s full of things!

First of all, it was lovely to see Yunghee earlier, and thanks to those of
you who were able to make it even though the weather was a bit dodgy –
here’s a photo, kindly taken by a random passer-by for us! We presented
her with a cheque for £570, some pampering bits and pieces which Kelly had
very kindly put together, and a jar of Wimbledon jam from the plum tree
outside church so she can remember us when she is far away in Battersea.
For those of you who asked me to pass on messages, I’ll send her an email
including what you have written, so she knows what you have said.

*August Flowers*
I have to apologise to Ken who sent me some fab pics that he took when he
was at Wisley earlier in the summer – I think they arrived just before we
went to Sussex, and when we got back, I forgot to include them – I’m
attaching them now, along with some that Graham sent me of their very
well-looked-after garden!

August flowers.pdf

*Low Spirits Remedy!*
It was great to see Rosemary back in Wimbledon today too, and – even better
– she brought along this clipping from a paper that she had found when
tidying – advice originally given over 150 years ago, but still so
appropriate today. (Although, as a hardened tea drinker, I would find it
hard to go along with suggestion No 9).

*Jam Jars*
As some of you may know, I just can’t stop myself from picking
blackberries, I think it’s probably verging on an obsession now. But the
side effect of this, is that I’ve used up all my old jam jars making
bramble jelly, so I was just wondering if anyone had any jam pots that they
were going to recycle/throw away, whether you could maybe bring them to
church instead, then I can start re-building my collection for next year.
Thank you!

*And finally* – Here’s a knotty puzzle from Ursula, which I need to print
off on paper so I can have a go at it with a highlighter – I’ve already
found a few, but have loads to go. If you give up, Ursula has the



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