Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: September 16, 2020

Dear all –

What fabulous weather! I hope you have all been able to make the most of
it while it lasts… I said last week that I would give a lighting
update, but as I also have a few midweek items as well, I thought it would
be easier to read if I sent the lighting info out separately, so that will
be coming later today. In the meantime, here’s my first proper instalment

*…More Tea Vicar?*
I’m sure everyone who took a chance to lift their eyes from prayer on
Sunday will have noticed how clean the rood screen was looking… But it’s
just possible you may not have sensed that you were in the presence of two
“Extreme Cleaners”… To give you some idea of the job in hand, this is
what the top of the rood screen looked like before cleaning started – I
imagine some of this dust is Victorian –

And here is Extreme Cleaner Rosie (taking break from her secret life as a
tightrope artiste) and removing it for us. Photo provided by our other
Extreme Cleaner, Julia. Thank you both so much, you are very brave and
wonderful, not to mention being excellent cleaners!

*John’s Hip Replacement*
Olave emailed me to say that they would greatly appreciate everyone’s
prayers as John will be having his hip replaced at Epsom hospital on 25th
Sept. Sunday was Olave’s last chance to come to church, as they now have
to stay at home in isolation until the op, so sadly we won’t be seeing them
for a little while, but our thoughts and prayers are with them.

*St John’s Garden*
It’s about this time of year that we try to have a tidy up before the
winter. Is anyone able to help sweep up the leaves, especially from the
Hall Car Park and the path to the West Door? Please let me know if you
are able to provide some time.

Also, we have a 330litre compost bin that is spare if anyone would like it.
It’s currently beside the bin outside the hall, so if you would like it,
please do take it away.

*And Finally *
Just as I was thinking I didn’t really have many photos, Kelly emailed me
some that she and Graham took when they were out and about earlier this
week – what a great choice of weather to pick for a couple of days away
from the desk!

Kelly and Graham Sept photos.pdf

Talk to you again in a moment, when I have my lighting hat on –


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