Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: September 9, 2020

Dear friends,

Apologies; it’s been a while since I sent a midweek update – I was slightly
running out of things to put in, and with lockdown not being quite as
“lock-downed” as it was before, people eating-out-to-help-out, offices
opening etc (although that seems possibly to be changing again this
morning, sigh), I was starting to wonder whether there was still a place
for this email.

However, after chatting to a few people this week, I think there is a
feeling that although it’s lovely to be back at church, it’s a shame to be
unable to have the coffee catch up at the end, where you find out what is
going on in other people’s lives. I was wondering if we could now use
this midweek email to pass on these little details – I had a couple of
thoughts for a title – perhaps “*News from the Pews*”… *possibly a bit
formal for what is essentially gossip*, or (*to give a nod to the fact we
are missing the coffee session*) “*More tea vicar?*” People have already
sent in some fabulous garden pics, but maybe we could expand this to
include other things it would be nice to be told. If you have anything
that you’d like to let others know about, please do email me, and I will
try and make sure to include it the following week.

*More Tea Vicar? – 1st Edition, 9th Sep*
As a starter for 10, and to show how small the news can be – I thought I’d
attach a pic I took of Nick last week, ready for 6th form, going to school
in a suit (how time flies)… Fortunately he’s not on this mailing list!

*Lighting Project*
Quite a lot has happened over the summer, in terms of approvals, and we’d
like to update everyone, so next week I will include a report from the
Lighting Team on where we are now.

*And finally*
It was great to be back sitting in the choir stalls on Sunday, and to be
able to sing some choral music at last. As Dudley mentioned in the
prayers, Rob has been fabulous at keeping choir morale up and keeping the
us going via Zoom through lockdown – but all that couldn’t really compare
to being back in church with the organ going at full pelt. What, may you
well ask, does Rob have in common with this wonderful chap?

Our secret choir reporter Marion has the answer… Click on this link below
for some very nifty footwork!


NB. Rob advises that if you are extremely impressed and let him know, he
will record an organ piece for us that will make him look like River
Dance’s Michael Flatley!

Please do email me with any bits of news it would be good to share, thanks!


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