Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: September 23, 2020

Dear Friends

I hope you all got the email about Rob’s MacMillan concert earlier – I
thought it was better to send that separately so you could find the Zoom
meeting details easier on Friday.

*St John’s Electoral Roll 2020*
At the PCC meeting last week, we decided to hold the deferred 2020 Parish
ACM (which should have been back in the springtime under normal conditions)
this November.  This means we need to hold our own St John’s ACM
beforehand.  We think that we will do this on *Sunday 1st Nov*.

We need to give the church electoral roll number at this meeting and there
is a process we need to follow to make sure we advertise this in the weeks
running up to our ACM, so that anyone who wants to be on it can let us

I will send out a separate email from Churchsuite to everyone who we
already have on the electoral roll, but if you are not sure whether you are
on or not, and want to be, just let one of the wardens know.

*More Tea Vicar*
Our thoughts & prayers are with the Snellings this week, as John will be
having his hip op on Friday.

Zillah sent this fab Autumnal early morning picture from Morden Hall, along
with the following note – “*Also may be of interest the walks in the
general local area  on  https://summerstown182.wordpress.com/ (either to
do the walks or to read the history, though some readers may have a
different recollection of some details!)”*

Actually, I have been lucky, as it’s been a good week for photos – the
Vernell’s have sent a few updates of their garden too –

Sept flowers.pdf <https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/ZtfMXFokSte3Lf30UMsQ>

And finally, a big thank you to Michael Waugh and Richard Tomkins who gave
the area a jolly good Autumnal sweep last Saturday – thank you both!

Hope to ‘see’ you all on Friday at Rob’s concert –


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9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
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