Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: April 9, 2020

Hello friends,

I hope this past week has been OK for you all.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t
been such a good one for our intrepid pilgrim, who has had a little
gardening accident – I can’t tell you too much as I’m a bit squeamish, but
it involves secateurs. So, I’m afraid she can’t type fast enough to get the
next instalment out and we’re just going to have to wait a bit until we get
the next stretch of the walk.  Sally, very best wishes from us all, and I
hope your finger heals up well and quickly.

In place of the pilgrimage, I thought you might like to see this little
exchange: Graham and I were comparing spring flowers; here is the Crofts’
beautiful tulip display –

Which I was proudly able to counter with the slightly more sprawling Long

But then, yesterday I was walking past St John’s and had to take a picture
of this, which totally blew the Croft-Long competition out of the water –
Michael W, we salute you!

The cherry trees outside church are in full blossom, isn’t this fabulous!

Just a reminder – You can listen to Stephen’s services on:-
And Rob’s music on:-

NB. The latest update from Rob, is that the choir will be releasing their
first virtual anthem on Easter Sunday; he has also been working hard with
Ros and Lydia to provide accompanying music to Stephen’s services, so I’d
just like to thank them all for what they are doing, as I’m really enjoying
listening to both services and music on Soundcloud.

If anyone needs any help with shopping, post, really anything, please do
let me know, there are lots of us available to help, and we are all short
of things to do, have plenty of time on our hands and would welcome the

Best wishes


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8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist