Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: September 30, 2020

Dear friends,

First of all, thanks so much to Rob and James for a brilliant Zoom concert
on Friday – it was great having video of both the keyboard and the footwork
whizzing away on the screen, made it seem very real – and although I’m
still smarting from a very poor score in the cake quiz at the end (well
done Mr & Mrs Bruce for your clear victory), it was lovely to see everyone
on Zoom and be part of the whole thing. I’ve just checked on Rob’s
MacMillan total, and it’s currently standing at exactly £400, which is
super.  If you couldn’t be there on Friday, Rob has put together a file of
the music, so if you would like to listen, do email him on
music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk <mailto:music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk> and he
can send you the link.

As most of you will know, it was Rob’s birthday on Monday – thanks to those
who were able to sign the card in church the previous Sunday – I realised
afterwards that most people won’t have seen the front so here’s a pic of
that, and his presents from choir – which we were only sad that he didn’t
get to open & wear before the concert was filmed.  Never mind.

Here are the buckles, ready to go for Rob’s next fancy footwork video.

*Harvest Festival – This Sunday 4th Oct*
Just a reminder that it’s our harvest festival service this Sunday.  Sadly
we won’t be able to host our harvest lunch this year, but we will be
collecting for the *Wimbledon Food Bank* – which is more than ever needing
our support.  I’ve just checked their website for what they want, and If
you are able to bring along any of the following items, that would be

*Chocolate, crisps, cereal bars, treats, sugar (1kg bags), Squash drink,
tinned custard/rice pudding, tinned soups.
NB They don’t need pasta at the moment.*

I’m also including their donations website below, in case you want to help,
but aren’t able to come (or carry a food parcel) to church on Sunday.


*Thanks of the week*
Thanks this week go to Rosie and Brigid who spent Friday afternoon tidying
up the church garden, and to Richard who took on the job of mending the
wooden gate between the West door and St John’s Rd, which really was
looking a bit dodgy and worse for wear after a few windy days.

In a moment of madness I offered to help him, so now you will have to hear
all about it… Started well, I must say; we’ve now got some little steel
angles on to the panel that was falling apart, and they seem to be doing
quite a good job of holding it in one piece, but then we decided to flatten
out the hinges on the other panel, which had been damaged and bent,
probably with the wind, and weren’t helping the gates join together in the
middle.  I hadn’t originally  envisaged myself kneeling on the concrete
with the gate panel on the floor, undoing it from its hinges and then
giving the hinges a jolly good bash with a large hammer, but that is what

It was still going quite well though, and when we got the gate back onto
the gate post, all that was left was to make sure the padlock fitted.  I
know what you are thinking, but you are wrong.  The padlock fitted
perfectly.  Great job, good team etc etc.

But then we tried to get the padlock OFF: In our defence, it has been
playing up recently, but Monday was the day it finally gave up the ghost.
So, there we were, locked inside the alleyway, with not a chance of getting
the padlock off the gate without using…. the hacksaw.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details, suffice to say that the gates are
now back looking pretty much the same as before, but with a different
padlock.  So, when you are leaving on Sunday, make sure to savour the new
look, as I appreciate it might otherwise completely pass you by!

*More Tea Vicar?*
The Popham’s emailed me earlier in the week to say that they would highly
recommend visiting the National Gallery at the moment (you do have to book
your time slot beforehand) – they have been a couple of times, and advise
that the tubes are nearly empty getting there, as are the galleries once
you are in, so it’s a great chance to get very close to some of the most
famous paintings in the world and have a really good look without lots of
people getting in the way.

I have to say, I would agree – I’d never been to the Tower of London, so
last week I booked tickets for that.  I went this morning and it was like
being royalty – I think there were more ravens and Beefeaters there than
visitors.  Here’s a pic I took of the queue in front of me at 10 am

And here is the queue inside waiting to see the Crown Jewels, it was quite
sad really – but people were able to go round and round on the conveyor
belt instead of being moved on, as there was just nobody else behind.

I think that’s all of the news; do email me if there is anything you’d like
to add to the news/gossip section next week –


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