Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: October 14, 2020

Dear all –

I don’t know why, but this week seems to have gone rather fast… I was
just having supper, thinking I would do this tomorrow and then realised
that, actually, it is already Wednesday today and I better get a move on if
I want to press ‘send’ before my guilty pleasure of watching the ‘Savoy’
fly-on-the-wall documentary at 9pm.

Thought I’d start off with a couple of concert promotions – the first one I
mentioned last week – it’s tomorrow night 6.45pm, and is being organised by
Rob on Zoom with his fabulous group Seraphim – when they came to record in
church last month I was definitely a bit star-struck and my words seemed to
come out all in a mush when I tried to say hello… So, I will DEFINITELY
be there!

I forgot to say last week, but if possible, could you buy a ticket per
person watching, rather than per household – as you all know it has been an
incredibly hard year for musicians, so if you are able to support them like
this, they would be very grateful.  Below are the details, any queries,
email Rob on music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk

*A Fishery of Souls – A concert with Seraphim*
Thursday 15th October at 6.45pm (Waiting room opens at 6.30pm)

Tickets: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SeraphimConsort

*”In October, Seraphim will perform music to celebrate the Harvest of the
Sea; a great and wonderful tradition attached to St Mary-at-Hill church. We
mark this annual festival with music specially written for the occasion.
Sumsion’s ‘They that go down to the sea in ships’ will be surrounded by new
music taken from commissions and our festival composition competitions.
Seraphim are very much looking forward to sharing this music and marking
such a special occasion. The concert will end with a Q&A with Robert
Mingay-Smith (Director of Music), Andrew Wilson (composer) & Stella Davis
(Poet-in-Residence, St Mary-at-Hill).”*

And advance notice of our next Friday Lunchtime concert – where we will
welcome back Ruth Stockdale on the flute, accompanied by Rob, details
below.  Again, Rob will send out a Zoom invitation, and I will send
details of this nearer the time.  Here’s a summary of the programme.
Please do join us if you can, you can even enjoy your lunch while you are

*Friday 23rd October at 1.00pm*
Ruth Stockdale *flute*
Robert Mingay-Smith *organ*
Hymn arrangements and other music for flute and organ by
Mozart, Chaminade and more!

*Electoral Roll*
Just a reminder that the electoral roll update ends this weekend, so if you
have any changes, let me know.

*More tea vicar?*
The Gingells alerted me to a super website which a friend sent them, and
which they have been enjoying during lockdown.  Each day the site puts up
the Gospel reading of the day, along with a different Christian painting
that they think reflects the reading, followed by a short reflection on
both the artwork and the reading.  Here is the link if you are interested

And thanks to Anthea who passed on a couple of great photos to me – After
seeing our lovely display for Harvest Festival, one of her friends who
lives in Wargrave sent her these photos of their harvest flowers which they
had to do outside because their church is shut – sad in one way, but I
think they absolutely nailed it!

And finally, my son Nick forwarded me this photo, which shows the award
winning ‘Worst Gun-dog of the Year’.


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