Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: November 4, 2020

Hello –

I hope you are all out, making the most of the last day we can buy
non-essential items – Well, I type that but when I think about it, the only
thing I have bought today is a pound of mince for supper, so not really
living the life – I’m sure you will all have used the day far more wisely.

I do have one bit of excitement though, enough to brighten up any
pre-lockdown day, and this could well entice you in for a spot of Private
Prayer on Sunday – Da Da, our prototype pendant fitting has arrived! Can
I pass on huge thanks to Geoff, who spent the whole of Friday morning
sitting in the porch waiting to take delivery of said pendant – only to
find after hours of waiting that it had not left the depot and would not be
coming after all. So sorry that you were caught like that Geoff – I hope
you at least had the porch pendant lit so you could read by it while you
were waiting. I will certainly be there on Sunday, can’t wait to look at
it for real! Thanks also to Rob, for sending this photo.

This brings me on to a couple more things quite neatly.. One is that before
the first lockdown, the crafting group had begun to make recycled Christmas
cards to help fund the lighting project. I have them in a box here, if
anyone would like some. I was thinking of selling them in packs of 10,
for £4 each, as that seems to be the lower end of the Christmas Card
price, but will still make a bit of money for the church. I was also
thinking that I might make this the excuse to try out our new ‘Sum Up’ card
reader – which arrived at the same time as the button on the front of our
website – but which none of us have had the courage to get out of the box
yet. I’m not sure whether it’s OK to sell cards during private prayer,
seems a bit off – but we might be able to have them outside the church and
then we can see if the card reader works – obviously cash would be fine
too, but I think that quite a lot of us don’t really have cash any more,
and this seems like a good way to test out a new toy.

If it works, we were thinking we might have it alongside the collection
plate at services for people who want to put something into the collection,
but who don’t carry cash on them. If you have strong views one way or the
other, we’d be interested to know what you think. One of the reasons I
mention this, is because we had a meeting with Simon (our treasurer) last
night to look at how our finances were panning out through lockdown. In a
nutshell, we had assumed that we would need to set aside £20K of our
reserves to cover the period. We have lost about £30K of income from
lettings and collections since March, but we have balanced that by not
doing maintenance projects that weren’t essential, which means we will
probably have an overall deficit of about £12-15K this year – this would
be covered by the £20K reserves. It has made us realise that we really
do need to be quite flexible with the ways that we collect donations,
especially as we will be having another month of lockdown this month, and
who knows what next year. So, please do bear with us as we try to think of
ways of making money!

Without wanting to dwell too much on lockdown – can I just say that if
anyone is having difficulties getting out to get anything, or needs
prescriptions collected/delivered or anything else, please do email me to
let me know and we can arrange things for you. Even if we can’t currently
share in Church worship, we are still a close community, and we don’t want
anyone to feel alone, so please please do get in touch if you need a spot
of help with something.

Finally, bit more cheerful, this brilliant photo was in the paper the other
day – what’s not to like about a photo-bombing giraffe!


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