Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: November 11, 2020

Dear all,

Apologies for the many APCM emails that came earlier – As it’s an open
church meeting, and because it’s on Zoom, all the information that would
normally be in paper form at the meeting for anyone who wanted to come, had
to be sent to everyone who was eligible to attend.  And because we haven’t
done it like that before, it wasn’t quite as smooth a process as it might
have been.

But now, proper news, lots to say, and I think I’ll start with…

Rob has very kindly loaded up the organ music from Sunday onto Soundcloud;
if you want to listen, these are the pieces:
*C. Wood – Old 113th Psalm Prelude / G. Thalben-Ball – Elegy / Arvo Pärt –
Pari intervallo / H. Darke – A meditation on Brother James’ Air / D.
Johnson – Trumpet Tune.*
and here is the link –

For those of us who are fans of Rob’s other choir Seraphim, tomorrow night
is a must – concert details below; if you click on the link you can buy a
ticket (per person watching if that’s OK, as these guys have had such a
tough year financially, they need all the support we can give them).  If
you can’t be there at that time, don’t worry, just let Rob know
music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk <mailto:music@stjohnswimbledon.co.uk> : He
will be putting it on YouTube afterwards, and so you will be able to buy a
ticket to watch it through YouTube instead at a time to suit you.  The
programme is on the pdf file below.

*”For the Fallen*”*
*Thursday 12th November at 6.45pm*
Our concert this month commemorates those lost in war and those closer to
us whom we miss but see no longer. “For the Fallen” will be broadcasted
on Zoom at 6.45pm on Thursday 12th November. Programme attached. To obtain
the link, please click to buy
here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/seraphimconsort

For the Fallen.pdf

*Carol singing anyone?*
Obviously this will depend very much on what the government rules are for
Covid later in December but we were thinking that, since our Christmas
period will undoubtedly be very different this year, it might be nice to
get together in small groups of whatever the legal amount is at the time,
and go round to the houses of people who can’t get out and sing some carols
at their door/below their window.  It’s very probable the congregation
won’t be able to sing in church this year, and quite a few people have said
they would really miss singing carols, so we are thinking this might be a
way to comply with the rules, and also give ourselves some joy.

If you would like to join in the carol singing, or would like to have carol
singers visit (don’t be shy, we will need quite a few venues!), please let
me know.

*Church Lighting Project*
If you can get to church on a Sunday (10.15am-11.15am) to look at the
prototype pendant please do, and we would love any feedback.  So far
comments have been very positive.  There are quite a few things we can’t
change at this stage, but if you let us know honestly what you think, we
will take on board any thoughts that we can.  I mentioned the length of
the cables last time, but we are also looking at the colour of the
metalwork – which we would like to stay in the same colour palate, but
probably be a bit darker than it is currently.

*Recycled Christmas Cards for sale*
Can I thank everyone in the crafting group who came to the crafting
sessions at the beginning of the year – Before lockdown we made quite a few
packs of Christmas cards, recycled from your donated cards, and now I have
got them at church to sell back to you.  There are also a few one-off
origami cards that would be good for general use as well.
NB The cards are wrapped in cellophane to protect them, but the cellophane
is biodegradable and compostable, so should all turn back into potato juice
when you throw it away.

Unless it’s really miserable, I will be outside the West doors with my
little stall on Sundays.  Rob and Julia kindly took pics for this email, I
couldn’t choose between them so have put in both – I didn’t realise how
much like a bandit I looked, sorry about that, hope that wasn’t too scary.

This is the time of year when we get lots of leaves attaching themselves to
our car park.  Is anyone up for popping over occasionally and giving them
a little tidy up?  We have a green bin, so they can go straight into that.
Any help would be much appreciated!

*More tea Vicar?*
And now onto the hardcore stories.

I got a good tip off from Julia P, about a great fruit and vege man who has
a stall at the Wimbledon Rugby Club on Barham Road.  It’s outside (if you
are worried about going into shops at the moment) and there is parking at
the rugby club, so you can literally drive in and park right by him.  He’s
called Guy, and he’s there from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 4pm.  I happened
to walk past him this afternoon when I was taking Daisy Dog out, and the
fruit and veg looks great, masses of variety and Julia highly recommends!

The Rugby Club are also organising an outside market at the weekends
9am-2pm.  Here is the flyer for that – we were there on Sunday afternoon
about 2.30pm (with the dog again) so they were packing up but I thought the
cheese stall looked very interesting.  They will be there through this
lockdown if you want to combine some fresh air with a bit of food shopping.

outdoor food market.pdf

Anthea has sent me a couple of Autumn-y pics of their garden, just about to
go to bed for the winter, and then I’ve made a montage of the ones Ken took
along the Wandle last week which look so atmospheric and misty – thanks
both of you!

November scenes.pdf

And finally, a word from probably my favourite cartoonist, Matt…


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