Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: November 18, 2020

Dear all,

You may be pleased to know that after last week’s tome, I don’t have too
many things to mention today!

*Thank yous*
Main thanks this week go to our Leaf Sweepers, Catherine, Abbie and Theo
who managed to dodge the showers on Saturday and give the car park and
environs a really good clean, I’m just watching our garden trees whizzing
round in the wind now and hope that the weather hasn’t made too much of a
mess of the work, but here’s a pic of Theo very busy on our behalf…

Thanks also to Rob for the link to the Seraphim Concert which was wonderful
– just such a shame that we can’t actually be in the building with them
listening – very much looking forward to when that is possible again.

*Lighting project*
Just to keep you up to date – This week we let the local resident’s
association know about the lighting project and we’ve said that if anyone
is interested, to please pop in and look at the plans and/or see the
chandelier when the church is open on Sundays. So if you see someone in
the building who you don’t recognise, they could well be our neighbours –
just wanted to let you all know, in case you get a weird lighting question
from someone you have never met before. If you could direct them to the
display outside the vestry that would be great, then one of us will be
nearby to show them, or answer any questions.

*More tea vicar?*
After seeing Dudley’s unseasonal primrose, Rosemary mentioned, then sent to
me a pic of Susie’s passion flowers which are still going strong well into
November – and Susie has kindly ensured they are flowering on the street
side, so everyone can enjoy them.

When I got home after seeing Rosemary, I happened to notice our rose was
also having a last hurrah – what is the matter with everything!

And finally, on a personal level, just wanted to thank everyone who has
been so lovely to us since Sunday when Martin had a bit of a drama, by
getting out of bed in the morning and having a mini-stroke. St Georges
were fab, and he’s back to feeling absolutely fine now – although he has to
take things quietly for the next few weeks, but we’ve both been overwhelmed
by everyone’s kindnesses and lovely messages, this really and truly is a
wonderful community to be a part of –


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