Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: November 25, 2020

Dear all,

Well, you may want to boil the kettle before sitting down to this (I’m on
my second cup of tea already and I still haven’t finished typing) – plenty
of news and pics this week!

It’s the last Friday of the month again, and this week we have a concert
from soprano Charlotte accompanied by Rob’s flatmate James – details
below.  Rob apologises to all for last month’s problems, his Zoom had some
extra security settings which he wasn’t aware of and so he couldn’t let
people in.  Hopefully this month it will be all plain sailing!

As before, we do rely on your donations to pay the performers, so if you
are able to make it, please could you also visit the church website and
donate (per person watching if poss) through the link on the front page.
Thanks so much!

*Charlotte Brosnan soprano*
*James Norrey piano*
*Friday 27th November at 1.00pm*

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 839 9671 4051
Passcode: 630605

Charlotte & James November 2020.pdf

If you want to see the concert, but can’t make Friday 1pm, it will be
available after Friday’s Zoom meeting on the ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ ticketing
site: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/musicfor2020

*Carol Singing*
After the latest government update, it’s looking increasingly likely that
we will be able to go carol singing outside in small groups after all.
I’ll liaise with Rob to see what days work best, but provisionally thinking
we might have 2 nights out in the week leading up to the carol service on
20th Dec.  If you are interested in either singing, or being sung to,
please let me know.

*The Lady Chapel*
Stephen was in church doing admin on Monday afternoon, and just happened to
look up at the right time to see this amazing sight of the lady chapel
bathed in the last bit of afternoon sunlight – he thought we might all like
to see it as we’re not often there at that time of day.

*More tea vicar?*
I didn’t know whether this counts as proper church news as it’s in a
National Newspaper, or gossip because it’s about one of our friends, so
I’ve gone for gossip.  Wendy is our Famous Person of the week thanks to
the Sunday Times; lovely picture and a great story, I think you’ll agree –

Wendy Hildreth.pdf

On the subject of Famous Wimbledon People, Richard was recently chatting to
(wait for the name drop) Jane Gardam – only one of my favourite authors! –
and she asked to be remembered to everyone from St John’s who knows her.
I do so wish I was one of those people, but I still love her books.

We have more great photos – continuing in the spirit of ‘Mad Flowers That
Shouldn’t Be Doing This in November’, Linda has sent me this montage from
their garden, taken this week.

Linda’s garden.pdf

And Zillah thought we might like to see this surprising chap who she met
when she was walking along a very urban section of water that goes into the
River Wandle near SavaCentre – she has since found out the stream has the
rather wonderful name ‘Pickle Ditch’.  If anyone knows the history behind
that, do let me know.

And finally, Catherine from the choir forwarded me this link which I have
been enjoying – especially the footwork which starts a bit further in….
*Silent monks singing the Hallelujah Chorus* –


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