Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: December 2, 2020

Dear all,

I think this is maybe a ‘Shepherds’ Warning’, rather than a delight, but
what an amazing sunrise this morning.  I had a go at taking photos, which
came out only about half as good as the real thing, but here we go anyway –
if you took better ones, please do send them to me and I’ll put in a
montage next week…!

*We’re Open!*
Well, it’s great news that St John’s is back open again with a service
tomorrow (Thurs) 12.30pm, followed by our first ‘real’ choir rehearsal on
Friday and – for those of you who are able to make the Sunday 10.15am
service and feeling strong – it’s the day we get the Christmas Decs back up
from downstairs in the crypt…. If you are able to stay behind after the
service and help us get out the tree baubles, lights, and the candle
holders (in a socially distanced way) we’d really appreciate it.

*(BTW, did you just notice my excellent use of the Oxford Comma: Until last
week I didn’t even know what it was – I received a WhatsApp joke from an
erudite friend that I did NOT understand at all – turns out it only makes
sense if you know there is such a thing as an Oxford comma.  If I’m
honest, it still wasn’t very funny, but at least I learnt something.)

*I know I know, you want to know what the joke was…

Not funny at all.

*Thank you*
Word has got round about job opportunities in the leaf collection
department.  Thanks go to the Leaf Team: Catherine, Abbie and Theo, who
were joined by Theo’s friend Zac on Sunday afternoon to have another go at
the newly fallen leaves in the car park area.  Apparently Zac and Theo
were a crack pairing who spent their time removing all the bits of rubbish
that had blown in behind the hedges – thank you both for doing a job that I
don’t think anyone else would have been up for, it’s greatly appreciated!

*Does anyone know a Fencer?*
Who we could ask for a quote to replace the fence outside the West door?
If you have a contact, please could you let me know, thanks!

*Lighting update*
This afternoon the lighting team met in church to see what the chandelier
lights looked like after dark, and to check we could read text when we were
sitting below it.  It is going to look so good when they are all installed
– I did try to take some photos, but (like the sunrise) they didn’t really
do it justice – when the chandelier is lit, the arches are suddenly lit
from slightly below, and they light up, instead of as now being in shadow
as the light is coming from above them – it’s a much softer light, and it
really brings out the detail.  We will need Rosie’s Extreme Cleaning
though to get the dust off them, if we want them to look their best!

*Advent Calendar*
If you didn’t get your chocolate Advent calendar this year, you might like
to open the doors of the one provided by Merton Music Festival – every day
a different group from Merton singing you a little something.  Today is
Bishop Gilpin; and their Cantores choir members are really very cute – and
then you get the parents’ choir for free.  If you look carefully you will
see one of your warden’s singing into her hairbrush for you – what can I
say; it was LOCKDOWN.


Look forward to seeing you on Sunday with your Christmas Muscles on,


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