Mid-week update from St Johns

Date: April 16, 2020

Dear All

I’m sure this last week went faster than the one before, I can’t believe
it’s ‘Midweek’ already again  (must be the BH weekend effect).

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has sent me flower pics,
I’ve made 3 montages, and I have promises of more photos, so I will do some
more for next week.  I’ve added a few words, as quite often flowers in one
garden were either grown, or given, by someone from another St John’s
garden – At this rate, we may well get to know a lot more about each other
that we could have found out from church on Sunday!

Spring Flowers 1.pdf
Spring Flowers 2.pdf
Spring Flowers 3.pdf

Next uplifting item – Some of you may know Emily Jones, the music teacher
at Bishop Gilpin (she helps me with the summer concert); she just sent the
BG parent’s choir a Youtube link to the school Cantores choir virtually
singing ‘Panis Angelicus’ by Cesar Franck together – it’s really sweet, and
she said I could share the link with you.  I’d like to get them to come to
St John’s and sing at at an All Welcome service one Sunday when we’re back
– but in the meantime, here it is, enjoy!   https://youtu.be/jx1IflNRAQE

On the subject of virtual choirs, I heard that some people hadn’t found ‘O
Thou The Central Orb’ by the St John’s (Virtual) Singers.  If you want to
listen to it in isolation, you can go to Rob’s soundcloud here – It’s
currently at the top of the page, but we’re working on something to add to
the mix, so it may move down the charts next week.

The anthem is also at the finale for the Easter service (ref: Reading,
homily, prayers, hymn Easter Sunday April 12) on Stephen’s soundcloud here,
if you would like to listen to it in context –
https://soundcloud.com/stjohnswimbledon St John’s ACM
We were meant to be having the ACM this coming Sunday – obviously that
won’t be happening now, but we are preparing the paperwork anyway, and
thinking that if we send this out towards the end of the month, we could
maybe have a reflection period when, if anyone has questions they would
have normally raised at the ACM, they could email us the question, and we
could then collate these to provide a full list of questions and answers.
We may refine process this a little, but just wanted to let you all know
the outline of what we are planning to do – more details nearer the time.

I think that’s all I have for the moment, although no doubt as soon as I
press send, I’ll remember something else –

Love to all


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