Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: December 9, 2020

Dear all –

I have the advance feeling I may not remember to put in everything I am
meant to this week, so forgive me if you told me something and I have
totally forgotten to mention it.

*Carol Singing round Wimbledon*
Oh my, what a week I’ve had with this… We’ve had to make some changes as
Rob suddenly realised it could be a disaster to have the choir out singing
in the cold, losing their voices and then the church having absolutely
nobody to sing for the Christmas services, so we decided to keep the choir
‘off’ carol singing.  I was then worried we wouldn’t have enough singers,
so got in touch with the Bishop Gilpin Parents’ choir, as I sing with them
too and so we’re going to go carolling with them instead.  We’re going to
limit ourselves to singing at the *Alexandra House care home* on Clifton
Road, and we will be going there *this Sunday 13th.*  I just have to
finalise the time – it will either be before or after their supper, so
either 5pm or 6.30pm – I’ll know tomorrow.

I say, ‘Oh my’ because I just thought I was getting it all re-organised,
when Emily Jones – who runs the BG choir – emailed to say she’d been in a
room with someone who tested positive for Covid, so she’s now isolating for
the next 10 days, so we’re without our leader.  If you are free on Sunday
13th, and want to come and sing a few very famous carols with us, please
could you let me know?  Thanks!

*The Carol Service (20th) & Carols outside church (24th)*
Our carol service in church will be on Sunday 20th Dec at 6.30pm.  The
congregation won’t be able to sing (it’s still choir only), so we thought
we would change the crib service to an outdoor carol singing session
instead.  If you want to sing carols, rather than listen to them, then
make sure you are outside church by 4pm on Xmas Eve.  We’ve had permission
from the council to shut the road, so we’ll be setting out a grid of chairs
at ‘safe’ intervals along the road and asking family groups to congregate
separately by each chair to keep everyone distanced… What could possibly
go wrong…  Well, I say that, but I see in the news today that ‘experts’
are recommending that London goes into Tier 3 within 48hrs, in which case
we won’t be able to sing outside at all.  It’s all keeping us on our
organisational toes, that’s for sure!

I also wanted to say that we’ve decided not to have online ticketing for
the carol service – so if you really want to come, it’s probably an idea to
get there early, to make sure you get a space because when we are safely
full, we won’t be able to let anyone else in.

*Online Concerts & Talk*
*James’ & Charlotte’s Nov ‘Friday Concert’ *
If you have already seen James & Charlotte’s concert and want to donate to
St John’s, you can go to our website, https://www.stjohnswimbledon.co.uk
and click the ‘donate’ button on the front page.  If you haven’t had the
chance to see it yet but want to, please click on this link, and you can
pay to download it. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/musicfor2020

*Rob’s Tour of the Pipe Organ*
While you are there – at the “buymeacoffee” website – you can also pay to
download a brilliant talk Rob gave to the Wimbledon Wives last month about
the pipe organ.

*Seraphim’s Christmas Concert* – Rob’s sent me the link to the poster for
this which has all the details if you would like to attend – you can
download the concert from Wed 16th Dec.  Rob says it’s also available to
send as a Christmas present if you need a bit of inspiration for something
different to give someone.

Seraphim Christmas Concert 2020.pdf

*Money generally*
I think I already mentioned that we now have a Sum Up machine, so we can
take contactless payments.  It worked really well for selling the cards,
but we realise it’s going to be a bit cumbersome for using alongside the
collection plate, as you have to type the amount you want to pay in each
time, and then type in what it’s for.  Stephen has been doing a bit of
investigation, and we believe that if we have an android tablet (version
6.0 or newer), we could link it to the card machine and this would make
electronic payments a bit simpler.  We were just wondering if anyone might
have such a tablet that they don’t use, so we could try out over the
Christmas period when we get more people coming to church – we don’t want
to buy one and find out it’s no good.

If you could possibly let Stephen, Graham or me know if you can lend us one
that would be fab – many thanks!

*Sponsoring a Christmas Singer*
As you all also know, we’ll have to use about £15-20K of our reserves this
year to cover the shortfall in rental income and collections from when the
church was shut.  The Christmas services will be very different this year
too, as the congregation won’t be able to sing.  We do want them to be as
special as possible with the limitations we have, so we have arranged with
Rob to have a couple of additional singers to help boost the volume – one
of whom you will recognise, as Ros will be coming back for Midnight Mass.
If you are able to help us support these singers by making a donation
towards their fee, that would be very greatly appreciated – we might have
had a tough year, but these wonderful musicians have been really put
through the ringer, and we do want to support them as much as we can.

*St Matthew’s Christmas Fair – Sunday 13th*
Here’s a poster for the St Matthew’s Christmas fair.  I think if you want
to really be there, you have to book online beforehand, but it’s all
explained in the poster – I think there are some things you can do online

Last week I included a sunrise pic – here are some from Jane Austin, taken
when walking the dog very early on the common – 7am I believe.  I was very

And finally, thanks to Stephen for swearing us in as wardens on Sunday, it
was actually rather nice to be ‘at home’ with everyone we knew in the pews,
rather than at an unknown church in some other part of London, with wardens
we don’t know from all other churches – it’s rather a long time since the
last time we were sworn in, and so it was particularly good to be reminded
of the bit where we said we would, ‘tell the truth with love’ – which to me
just conjures up us both saying the most dreadful things to people, with a
saintly smile.  But, fair warning, I have promised and so has Graham, so


Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist