Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: December 16, 2020

Dear friends,

I’m sending the update a day early this week, as I’d like info on who may
be coming to Sunday’s carol service… more details on what to do below!

*Christmas Services*
Stephen, Graham and I have been emailing about the Christmas services
today, as the news of Tier 3 arriving tomorrow, makes us look again at what
we provide over this period.  I know a few people have asked if we will be
ticketing the services – and we did consider it – but decided in the end it
was too inflexible, as a family group of 6 would take up as much pew space
as two separate single people, so we could have a vastly different number
of people safely in church, depending on whether people come in groups or
by themselves – and that’s even without the problem of people booking
tickets in case and then maybe not all turning up on the day.   We
decided it would be better to have the sides-people seating groups when
they arrive as best they can to maximise the space available.

At the moment, with COVID rates rising rapidly, we aren’t sure how many of
our own congregation will want to come *(Please do think about listening to
it online this year if you are at risk, as we’d hate anyone to pick it up
from coming to a service, and we think these ones will be busy),* so we’d
like to try the following for the carol service this Sunday  (and if it
works, we will do the same for Midnight Mass as well).

*If you are planning to come, please could you reply to this email ASAP*
(to the rosamundjlong@gmail.com <mailto:rosamundjlong@gmail.com> email) and
let me know *how many people will be in your group*.  Then we will have an
idea of how many of ‘us’ will be in church on Sunday evening and can try
and make provision for that.  We can then keep a different area free for
non congregation members, and fill that separately.  If it looks as if the
church will be full of St John’s people, then we can put a notice on the
website saying the church is already full – or only has XX seats left for
non-congregation members, or something, and hopefully manage expectations
that way.

*Christmas Tree(s)*
Thanks so much to Bill, Alisen, Madeleine and Lily who came in on Saturday
morning to decorate our church Christmas tree and did an absolute top job –
it looks superb.  here’s a progress photo, and then the finished article.

I was out on the common this morning with some friends, and quite a few of
the trees in the woods have been decorated – here’s a few snaps in case you
haven’t seen them.  I rather loved the big ones by the Windmill Car Park
which have a bit of a tide mark on them about as high as a tall person!

If you go down to the woods today….pdf

*Carol Singing at The Alexandra House Care Home*
Thanks to the Bishop Gilpin Parents’ choir who, along with their families,
came to sing at the care home on Sunday night – we hope the residents
enjoyed themselves as much as the carol singers; it was quite exciting to
be singing together again as our last rehearsal was in September in St
John’s Church, just before things got sticky again.  We were very lucky to
have Emily Jones’ husband Simon on trumpet (far left, Santa Hat) to give us
– not only the tune – but also the starting note – which had been the part
I had been most dreading having to do, until I knew he was able to come

*Rota Helpers*
When I was doing the latest rota, I realised that we are now quite short of
helpers, as quite a few of us are staying safe at home at the moment.  If
you might be interested in joining in the list of readers or sides-people,
and (even better for the rota maker) the intercession leaders, please do
let me know.  If you would like to know a bit more about what any of these
involve before you commit to anything, please do get in touch.  Once we
are back to ‘normal’ we will also need some more sacristans, but I will put
out another appeal later for that – however, if it’s something you are
wondering about, please do let me know.

*RIP Sue Harvey*
*Teresa has very kindly put together some words about Sue for this email,
as I came to St John’s after the Harvey’s had moved on and so didn’t know
them as well as most of you do.
Sue Harvey who died on Thursday lived in Wimbledon with her husband Richard
for over 50 years. More recently they had moved to Putney, but still
retained their allegiance to St. John’s. They have a daughter and son, and
Sue was a full-time mother in their early years. However she was an
academic, and went on to teach economics at Wimbledon High School before
becoming a consultant at the Transport Research Laboratory. In Wimbledon
she participated in a very active life. She enjoyed walking, playing tennis
and golf; and she was a founder member of a long-established Book Group.
She took part in our life at St. John’s, and was a charming and very
hospitable member of the Wimbledon Wives (now known as Women in
Fellowship). She will be greatly missed, and we send our heartfelt
condolences to her family.

*More tea…?*
I mentioned my friend Emily Jones earlier (that’s Mrs Jones, if you are a
pupil at Bishop Gilpin) and I think I may have also said in last week’s
update that she had had to isolate after sitting near a teacher from
another school who subsequently tested positive for COVID.  The good news
is that she doesn’t seem to have picked up the bug, but the bad news is
that she has been putting together short videos each day to amuse both the
staff at BG and the BG parents’ choir.  She said I could include this one
in my next update (It’s my favourite so far).


It has been quite a good week for Xmas videos, as Marion forwarded this one
to everyone in choir this morning, it’s by Clare College Cambridge – The 12
Days of Christmas.


I think that’s all my news – please do email me if you can come to the
carol service on Sunday – thanks!

… Of course, when you decide to send your regular email a day
early without mentioning it, there are bound to be problems…

Apologies to Rob, I didn’t include a reminder about his up-coming concerts
– I’ve just booked tonight’s, so maybe see some of you there (*although not
sure if you see people on a webinar – I’ll find out later*).

*A Seraphim Christmas*
Live tonight at 7.30pm. Tickets are £20 and can be bought from their

Seraphim Christmas Concert 2020.pdf

*A Christmas Concert*
Charlotte Brosnan *soprano *& Robert Mingay-Smith *organ*

NB. I’ve currently got 13 people signed up for the *St John’s Carol Service
on Sunday night, 6.30pm start*, so certainly not over-run yet – just a
reminder to press ‘*reply*’ to this or any of my midweek emails asap to let
me know how many of you are coming along, and we will make sure you have a
pew spot, before opening up the service to others, thanks.



Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist