Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: December 27, 2020

Dear all,

I hope you all could enjoy your time at Christmas, even if the plans were
not quite what had been intended.  St John’s will remain online this
weekend (Sunday 3rd), and we will review following weeks based on the
latest Covid figures, although they are not looking very good at the
moment, it has to be said.

I thought this week would be a good week to update everyone with Charity
news.  We haven’t been able to do much fundraising this year, but we did
make our usual Christmas charity donations, as follows –

Foodbank – £750
Leprosy Mission – £500
China Concern – £500
Faith in Action – £500.

Here are some reports from these charities –

*Update from the Kolkata Leprosy Hospital*
Premananda Hospital Update for Str JOhns Winter 2020.pdf

NB. Sally notes that (as last year) any donations made to the Leprosy
Mission between 24th Jan – 24th April, will be matched by the government,
so will go twice as far.

*Update from International China Concern*

And a further note from Judy Elliott, thanking us for the Christmas
*Dear Sally,*

* Oh wow thank you! Thank you so much for remembering the Woodpecker boys
during this awful time. The last I heard they were all doing well. They’ve
more recently been able to get out to the Hengyang playground and they had
a BBQ recently. Here are Yang Xieliang, Yang Jiqian waiting for their
sausages! *

*And here is Yang Jifu getting his.*

*Your gift from St John’s will mean they can continue to live and thrive
together in this lovely family group. This is the best gift that you can
give them. A stable, nurturing and loving family where all their needs are
met. I can’t thank you enough. Please do circulate my email to folks so
that can be encouraged at what £500 will do for them!
* God bless, I hope you and your family are all well? Thank God there’s a
vaccine coming!*
*Judy Elliott* *
*National Director*
*International China Concern      * *

*Faith in Action*
FIA have had a difficult year, as it has been impossible for them to
continue to provide the service that they want to, while complying with the
Covid requirements. They now a pared back service, with people who need
help visiting by appointment only.  They can provide them with take away
meals, and washing facilities, and help with applications for funding,
jobs, ID, etc, but it obviously has to be on a much smaller scale (about 20
a day Wed/Fri) because they can’t have the numbers in the hall (before
Covid, they were helping probably 80-100 each day they were open).  On the
plus side, they did benefit from being one of the Mayor’s charities last
year, as well as receiving a one-off substantial donation, so they were
able to continue through the year with some level of financial security.

*The Children’s Society*
*Mark Liversedge sent me the following update -*
Many many thanks to all our wonderful St John’s Children Society Box
Supporters. The good news is that we raised a total of £1,719.52 this
year; an increase of £931.18 (84.66%) on the previous year.  We have been
supporting the  Church of England Children’s Society for over 20 years.

Our donations in the last year helped a staggering 11,500 vulnerable
children through specialist one-to-one support.  The Children’s Society
campaigning ensured that 15,000 migrant children were provided with access
to free legal aid and it worked with 13,363 professionals to enable them
tackle the problems in systems that surround young people, such as
education and preventing exploitation.

We urgently need some new Box Holders, because 3 of our Box Holders have
now moved from St john’s area to locations elsewhere in the country. Anyone
interested, hopefully there are some new supporters , can they please
contact me Mark Liversedge  email : markliversedge@mypostoffice.co.uk
<mailto:markliversedge@mypostoffice.co.uk> or speak to Jane Long and I will
give them a Children’s Society Box.

Thank you once again to all our great supporters and a Merry New Year and
best wishes to everybody,


*And finally,* thanks to Andrew who sent me a picture of the Edwards’
Christmas Cacti, as well as a few photos of their Oleanders which flowered
continually from June through to the end of September.

The Edwards Christmas Cactus.pdf


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