Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: January 6, 2021

Dear all –

So, here we are, inside again – I don’t think I’ll say too much about this
lockdown, except that if anyone needs any help picking prescriptions up,
dropping things off in town, bits of shopping bought etc, please do let me
know, as we can easily help.  *(and just to note, if you simply press
‘*reply*’ to this email I will get it, but if you try and copy the
<mailto:stjohnswimbledon@out.churchsuite> email address that’s hiding
behind my name and then send something to that, I’m not really sure where
it goes, but it doesn’t seem to end up with me)*

Stephen, Graham and I have been emailing each other regularly about whether
we should open up church for private prayer or not.  At the moment, we
think it would be better to all stay at home and continue on-line services
only for the next few weeks.  Anecdotally, I’ve heard from a couple of
friends at Georges that it’s pretty near capacity and we therefore feel it
would be rash to open church and risk passing on the more contagious
version to each other when we are so near to having the vaccine rolled out
locally.  We will be discussing this with the committee too, as the
diocese is very much leaving it up to individual churches to make their own
decisions, but in the meantime, we will stay online.

*Data Protection and ChurchSuite
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*Charity –
Stamps for Ursula*
I asked Ursula what we should do with any stamps we collect for her while
church is shut – she is happy to wait for them, but if you happen to be
passing her house, 15 Highbury Road, you can always pop them through her
letter box.

The Leprosy Mission also collects stamps, so we are slightly spoilt for
choice at the moment as to who gets them – but I think just knowing that
they can be useful to someone is a good thing, wherever they end up!

*Old Christmas Cards*
If you are taking your cards down this week and were planning to throw them
away, could you possibly save them for the craft group?  We’d like to be
able to make the recycled ones again and (I hardly dare to say it), should
we have a Christmas Fair this year, we could probably sell quite a few.

*Susan Harvey’s Funeral*
Rob has uploaded Susan’s funeral to our Soundcloud,
https://soundcloud.com/stjohnswimbledon if you would like to listen.  The
order of service is below.  I popped into church beforehand just to make
sure everything was alright, so thanks to Caroline for making sure the
Christmas flowers were tidied up and to Rachel and Chris who let our new
curate, Alistair in, and helped him familiarise himself with the church –
he was definitely in safe hands there.  Rob played the organ, and sitting
in the choir stalls were ‘Seraphim’, so well worth listening just to hear
them, especially as they sang ‘Cantique de Jean Racine’ (one of my
favourite pieces!) – I only heard them practicing, but it was fabulous.

Harvey, Susan Order of Service Final.pdf

*More tea…?*
Richard passed on a good link to an upcoming film – those of us who went on
Rosie’s trip to the British Museum might be especially interested, as it’s
all about finding the treasure at Sutton Hoo.  Hopefully we might be able
to start a few more trips this year – fingers crossed.


Now, I know I said I wouldn’t mention the ‘L’ word, so I won’t, but if you
are feeling short of things to do, and want some brain exercises, I’ve
tried to cover two of the 3 ‘R’s – one is word based and the other numbers
(although I suspect that probably only Richard and I will be doing that –
let me know if I’m wrong!)

quiz questions.pdf

pink-2015-q.pdf <https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/3JePMG50SzeZ3cvb5Jfp>

*And finally…*
Sallie W sent me this great link – it’s another rendition of the Hallelujah
Chorus but with an amazing backdrop.



Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist