Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: January 13, 2021

Hello all –

What a dull day!  just got back from walking our friend’s dog – she really
wasn’t keen on going out at all today, here she is at the end, beseeching
Nick and me to just go away and leave her alone.

Moving onto other matters though, we had an email from the diocese earlier,
and there are a couple of things I thought it might be useful to cut and
paste in here.

Firstly, the dean wrote to advise that (following a request to do so from
Sadiq Khan and the leader of Southwark Council) Southwark Cathedral has
decided to stop public worship and move all services online.  The dean
advised that there are a number of ways for us to join them online for
services should we wish.  The services can be viewed direct from this
website here
or their YouTube page here
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCal1PTQIUohMqybIc9Lipkw>.  *(I’m just
cutting and pasting this as a bit of an experiment to see if the links
remain, if not, I’ll send a second email with them in).

*The diocese also sent a Q&A link about covid jabs, should anyone wish to
have a look.

St John’s Lighting*
More news from the diocese  – they have just written to Ursula to formally
confirm that our faculty for the lighting installation has been approved,
so we are now free to go ahead with the project whenever we wish.  We’ve
asked CES to firm up the estimates, so we have a real figure to work with –
at which point we can decide how/when to go ahead.

A Covid Vaccination Scam*
Dudley forwarded this, sent out by the local residents’ group, which she
thought might be useful for those who haven’t already seen info about it.

Covid-19 Vaccination Scam Alert.pdf

Wimbledon and Putney Commons election of Conservators
*Here’s some info on the election of the commons conservators for those who
are able to vote –

*The three yearly election for the five elected Conservators (more commonly
known as Trustees) of Wimbledon and Putney Commons will be taking place in
March 2021. The Commons are one of South West London’s most important
public open spaces and have been a lifeline for people needing to take
exercise during the pandemic. The ballot papers will be sent out to
qualified electors on 12 February 2021 and you need to cast your vote,
either online or by post, no later than 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 10 March
2021. Qualified electors are individuals who are on the local Council’s
electoral roll and who live within a ¾ mile walk of Wimbledon Common and
Putney Heath or who live within the old parish of Putney.*

*Only 21% of the electorate voted at the 2018 election so please have your
say in this election by voting for the five candidates who you think will
best manage this important local resource, and encourage your friends and
neighbours to vote.*

*Further information about the election can be found at

Warm & Well in Merton
*Stephen was sent this info, which he thought may be useful – especially
bit at the bottom about the handyman…
Warm & Well Letter.pdf

More tea vicar…?
*Fruit & Veg stall at Barham Road*
Just wanted to remind everyone about this – Guy from the rugby club has set
up a lovely outdoor fruit and veg stall in the car park at the rugby club
at the end of Barham Road.  It’s open from Tuesday to Friday 9am-4pm,  so
you can drive down and park right there, but also, if you ring beforehand
he will make up an order for you which you can either drop in to collect
or….. I was there today and he said that he will deliver your order if
you are isolating.  His phone number is 07900 216 102.

*Sainsburys App*
I don’t know how many of you use this app, and therefore got their annual
buying summary a few days ago?!  I feel obliged to mention as although I
wasn’t particularly surprised to see that my number one purchase last year
was Special K (number 2 was milk, of course); I did have a small burst of
pride when I was told that I was the Top Buyer of Special K at the Worple
Road Sainsbury’s.  What an honour.  I mentioned it to the St John’s Quiz
team (too excited to keep it within the family) and Julia said that her top
buy of the year was carrots.  And who is the top carrot eater in her

Yup, apparently Winston is mad for them!  I never heard of a dog that
liked carrots before, but when I was at Barham Road yesterday, Guy nearly
trod on a very large and determined bulldog, who was absolutely not going
home until he got one, so I guess that’s just my sheltered upbringing.

*Quiz of the Week*
If anyone enjoyed my last week’s effort so much that they want to carry on
quizzing this week – Richard very kindly photoed the Radio Times ‘Puzzles
Special’ for us.  I can give the answers to all 3 quizzes next week!

RT Quiz.pdf <https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/I1gPWorVSz2PxFxuZaqd>

*And finally -*
Always good to end with a flower – here is one from the Pophams, their
Amaryllis bulb which burst into flower a couple of days ago – I don’t think
I realised before quite how many petals they have… beautiful!


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