Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: February 17, 2021

Dear all,

Dare we start to think that Spring might be on its way? There’s
definitely signs of life emerging on the Common, and as I’ve always had a
bit of a soft spot for these pussy willow buds, I thought I’d indulge
myself and include a photo.

*Lighting News*
We had a great piece of news from Ursula at the beginning of the week.
Earlier in the year, she applied to the ‘Allchurches Trust’ (the charity
wing of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group) on behalf of St John’s for a grant
towards the lighting project – As you can imagine, the form is a real job
to fill in, definitely not for the faint hearted, so I’m extremely grateful
for her staying power because she has just received a cheque from them for
£3000, which is brilliant – thank you Ursula; and thank you Allchurches

We’re meeting with CES towards the end of next week for an update on
prices, so we will be able to give you a proper lighting update in a couple
of weeks time.

*Cards for Recycling*
Thanks again for everyone who has given me their old Xmas cards – I’ve got
on really well with the ones that I’ve been given so far – all ready for
the crafting group to make our fortune at Christmas. If anyone else has
any spare that they don’t mind me cutting up, do let me know and I will
come round and pick them up. There’s no need to cut the backs off or
anything, as I have a guillotine which whips through them.

We’ve just come back from Cannizaro Park, it looks so different now the
snow’s gone, and the bottom field bit is a total quagmire – it even has a
new stream running through it. I felt quite sorry for the gardeners, it
wouldn’t look out of place in a ploughing competition… The front
entrance is starting to look hopeful though – hopefully everywhere will dry
out a bit soon, and it will be easier to get out and about.

*And finally….*
One of my friends sent me this rather amazing pic this morning, it’s Athens
in the snow – it’s been playing with my mind all day!


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