Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: February 10, 2021

Dear all,

Thought I would put music back up to the top again this week…

*Zoom Concert Thurs 11th Feb, 6,30pm*
Rob and Seraphim have a Valentine’s themed concert tomorrow night, called
‘Declarations of Love’. The tickets are £15 per person and can be bought
from https://seraphimconsort.com/shop/

Declarations of Love Poster 2021.pdf

*Housing Update*
Mandy has asked if we could send out this email update following on from
the open housing meeting last week –

Housing Update (Feb 2021).pdf

Chance to run in the London Marathon*
Stephen was sent an email by the Wimbledon Guild, which he wanted to share
with us all. They are looking for 3 people to run the Virtual London
Marathon on Sunday 3rd October. It would cost £20 to register, and the
runner would need to raise a minimum of £300 for the Guild – if you would
like the chance to be part of the London Marathon this year, just email
the Guild on this address:- events@wimbledonguild.co.uk
(I have to own up that there’s no
way I would do this, but I’d be very happy to sponsor you if it’s your

*St John’s Days out*
Richard sent me this cutting from the paper, as a memory of our inaugural
outing from St John’s – a tour of the Sutton Hoo exhibit at the British
Museum, very brilliantly given by Rosie who volunteers regularly there.

Martin and I watched ‘The Dig’ last weekend and can highly recommend it;
there is some fabulous scenery, although I think I might have been a bit
annoyed if I were one of the people the characters were based on, as it
sounds as if a fair few liberties have been taken in that department.
Mind you, nothing will come close to the utter disappointment that I felt
when I went to see ’39 Steps’ with a friend as a teenager having loved the
book – I mean, why on earth would you put the steps in Big Ben, they should
have been by the sea… Ruined it!

IMG_20210204_FT The Dig.pdf

Thinking of those outings set off memories of freemen as Dudley then took
us round the fabulous Skinners Hall. It transpired that not only was
Dudley a freeman, but so was John Perring, who belonged to the Skinner’s
arch-rivals, the Merchant Taylors. It didn’t stop there, because Anthea
then showed us some photos of Mike who is ALSO a freeman – he is a member
of the Company of Pikemen and Musketeers of the Honourable Artillery
Company. I say this because one of his jobs – which he hides very well
when he is with us on Sundays – is to guard the Mayor of London with his


I’m so looking forward to the day when we can re-start these outings; I’ve
already got a little list, we’re thinking of going to the Physic Garden in
Chelsea, and Caroline’s husband Neil has kindly offered to do a tour of
City Churches, which I can’t wait to take him up on. If you can think of
anything else you’d like to see or (even better!) can arrange a tour of,
let me know.

*The Alex Pub Quiz – Monday 15th*
We are thinking we might have a go at the Alex Pub quiz on Monday night –
if you’d like to join a St John’s team on Zoom, just reply to this email
and I will send you a zoom invite. We did it a few times in the last
lockdown and it was quite good fun. And it’s not one of those quizzes
where you have to be a big brain, there’s definitely something for everyone
and it’s just a fun evening, so please don’t be put off by thinking you
have to know loads of stuff, it’s really not like that!

*February Flowers*
Anthea sent me a some pics of what’s growing in their garden at the moment,
to round off the email – enjoy!

Feb spring flowers 2021.pdf


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