Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: March 3, 2021

Dear all,

Thank you to Dudley for capturing this yesterday – the plum tree blossom
outside St John’s is looking absolutely magnificent – I’m now hoping for a
lot of plums this year; last year was slightly disappointing!

*Lighting Update – Good news, and one final push for donations!*
I promised a few weeks ago that I would give everyone an update on the

First of all, I’d like to thank the lighting team for putting in so much
work on our behalf; This has certainly been a significant factor in keeping
the pre-installation costs to an absolute minimum and has maximised the
amount of money we have left to install the lighting.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has made lighting donations – Because
of COVID we have found ourselves unable to pursue any usual means of
fundraising, and so we have had to rely far more heavily on the generosity
of the congregation than might usually be the case for a project such as

Last Thursday Ken, Catherine and I met virtually with Ryan from CES (the
contractors) to discuss the tender price for the works.

The cost of installing the complete scheme is £104.6K. We currently have
just over £96K in the lighting fund, and so we are about £9K short of
being able to install the complete design. We have therefore looked at
reducing the scope of works – The two more obvious items that we could
remove would be the external lighting outside the west door, and the
lighting for the vestry. These are both at the back of church and could
readily be incorporated into a future project to install a disabled WC at
church level. This reduces the tender price to approx £100K.

We could also take out some of the feature lighting; approx values;
Crucifix (£0.2K), Reredos Panel (£1.7K) and the Angel candles by the top
altar (£1.8K); however, we’d really like to be able to include these now,
as (realistically) we are unlikely to do them later, and if we do, the
on-costs will make it much more expensive than if we could include them in
this project.

We need to decide the final scope of work at next week’s Committee Meeting,
and so before that, I thought I would ask everyone if they might be
prepared to pledge a bit more money, so that we can install the £100K
scheme – and if possible (even better), the whole lot.

If this sounds OK,* could anyone interested in pledging please email me on
rosamundjlong@gmail.com by this Sunday
7th March* with the maximum they would be prepared to pledge. If the
total is more than we actually need, we will pro-rata down so everyone
contributes slightly less. The tender price does include a contingency
figure which may or may not get used, so we won’t know until towards the
end of the project the exact amount that we need to find, but it will not
be more than £9K at the absolute max. I apologise for asking for money
again; I know it must seem as if I’m always on the scrounge, but I think
the new lighting scheme will be so fabulous, that it would be a real shame
not to install the few last pieces without asking everyone first if they
might be able to put in a bit more. Thank you all so much!

Seraphim Concert – Diary date*
*’Hymn to a Sorrowful Mother’*
Rob’s next Seraphim concert will be on Thurs 18th March, 6.30pm, tickets
If you would like to attend, please book on www.seraphimconsort.com

And just a quick reminder of the main details of Julia’s events this week –

*Thurs 4th March – William Morris talk* – tomorrow at 11am, in aid of CRUK,
£10/person. If you would like tickets, please book on:

*Fri 5th March – World Day of Prayer.* Zoom service from St Andrews at
meeting details are below. The service will also be available on YouTube
from 5pm.


For how to make WDP donations, please see my email on Monday of this week.

*More tea, vicar…?*
*Next Local Councillor?*
Congratulations to our own Max Austin, who has recently been elected by the
local Conservative party to represent the Village Ward as councillor at the
next council elections.

At last Sunday’s Zoom coffee morning, Stephen let slip that Rosie’s now had
her driving licence long enough to be able to give him driving lessons.
(I did offer Rosie the option doing a pupil swap, as Nick is also learning
to drive, but I have to say, Stephen didn’t seem overjoyed).

Here is a glimpse of Stephen behind the wheel for the first time since last
March. He advises that It went much better than it looks!

And finally, Catherine found this little chap at Poleson Lacey last Friday,
not remotely worried about singing in public – hopefully that will soon be
us too!


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