Mid-Week update from St Johns

Date: March 17, 2021

I was up at church earlier, changing the notice on the gate to advertise
that we will be re-opening for worship on Sunday 21st – And I felt it was a
bit like the above cloud that I saw on the common a week or so ago; of
sunlight peeking out from the darkness – Spring is certainly a good time
for dramatic pics, and I am so much looking forward to seeing those of you
who are able to come this Sunday.

For those who would prefer to stay safe, we will be recording the morning
service and putting it up online in the afternoon, so you will still be
able to listen to it.  We will continue to do this for the foreseeable
future I think.

You should have received our annual stewardship letter, thanks for taking
the time to look through it – we did have quite a bumpy year last year, and
it was only thanks to our previous years of prudence in building up
reserves, that we have been able to survive  this one without going into
the red.   However, of course, we’re not there yet, and as things revert
to some sort of normality, we will need to make sure we build up the
reserves again to keep us financially secure going forwards.

But of course, the money is only a portion of what makes St John’s  work,
and much more importantly, it’s each one of us, doing a little something
every so often to keep things going behind the scenes, that makes it such a
lovely place to be.  I think most people are already involved in some way,
but if you would like to expand your repertoire, or you’re not involved yet
as you’ve come more recently, or you just haven’t wanted to mention it
before, now is the time!  New Opening, New cast & crew!  If you would
like to be involved in any of the following, please let Stephen, Graham or
me know!

*New committee members*
It would be great to have a few new members on board, so if you are
interested in joining, and helping steer how St John’s is run for the next
few years, please let us know.  Being on the committee really isn’t
onerous; you will need to come to four evening meetings a year, where we
will discuss how we want the church to run, and beyond that there isn’t
much else time-wise that being on the committee entails.  We like to have
a spread of people across age and experience, so as problems arise, there
is a chance that someone might have come across the issue before, or know
who to ask – so please don’t think you are too
old/young/arty/scientific/practical/ditzy – you will definitely be good as
a sounding board and we’d love to see you!

*Readers, Intercessors, Sidesmen and Sacristans*
As per the committee, it would be lovely to have a few more members of the
congregation involved in these roles for the 10.15am service on Sundays.
We already have a good band, but with more on the list, it adds
flexibility, especially during the summer when a lot of people are away.

*Cleaning, flower arranging and *- one day in the future -* teas & coffees*
Again, these are all jobs that need doing, not only does it keep the church
looking nice, but it’s also a chance to meet people one-to-one and get to
know everyone better (NB we do have a cleaner who hoovers the floor, but
our cleaning team keep the brass polished, and dust in the nooks and
crannies etc)

There’s still time to buy tickets for Rob’s concert tomorrow –

*Seraphim Concert, 18th March 6.30pm, £15/ticket
*’Hymn to a Sorrowful Mother’*
Seraphim will perform Poulenc’s setting of the Stabat Mater sequence: a
hymn portraying Mary’s suffering during Christ’s crucifixion.

If you would like tickets, please visit the Seraphim’s website
https://seraphimconsort.com <https://seraphimconsort.com/>
and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the concert.

*And finally…*
Graham sent me this lovely spring pic from their garden which I thought
would make a great ‘and finally’ pic…

…until Margaret sent me this poem, which was given to her mother by a
long-standing friend – I tried to google who wrote it, but quite a few
people seem to have claimed it, so I think it might be called ‘trad’ or

The* …and Finally, Finally* poem…

This, I thought was the best way to end my ‘…and finally’, until I got a
WhatsApp from Anthea…

And this is definitely the biscuit (or as we say in choir, ‘badger’).
Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patricks Parrot.mp4


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9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
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