Mid Week update from St Johns

Date: April 7, 2021

Happy Easter everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend, and enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted –
I can hardly believe I saw snow falling in the garden yesterday; it wasn’t
excessive, but it was definitely there.

We were down at my parents on Sunday, so we sadly missed seeing everyone at
the Easter Day service, but Rob kindly took some photos of the beautiful
flower arrangements, which I include below – thanks to Caroline, Alan (also
responsible for encouraging out the lilies with a hairdryer) and the rest
of the flower team for making the church look so wonderful for us on Easter

Easter Flowers 2021.pdf

It was so good to be able to open church in time for Easter week, and
lovely that we had such good attendance at all the services.  We are
really looking forward to welcoming back those who are still being careful,
whenever they feel the time is right.

*Country things*
I think our family is probably like many others, as this Sunday was the
first time that we’d been able to see my parents since the October half
term.  It would have been a great day anyway, but to have that beautiful
sunny weather was a real bonus (we could actually enjoy sitting in the
garden all afternoon).  My brother took us on a long walk before lunch, so
I took a few photos on the way round for the update, as spring is
definitely ‘sprung’ there, and having the bigger panoramas and views makes
it all more spectacular.

Sussex April 2021.pdf

So, in the Sussex photos, I included one of the spire of my parents’
village church, St Giles – They recently had a steeplejack to retile the
spire, which you might not think extraordinary, but it was the last job
before retirement for the steeplejack, Peter Harknett, at the age of 86!!
Someone in the village took a few videos, which I’m including, as
watching him climbing up, and putting up the weathervane on the top, is
really quite something if you have a few minutes to spare –

and, if you find him as interesting as I did, here is a link to a recent
interview with him on Radio Sussex –

*Nature update*
I meant to say last week, that Diana (from choir) confirmed my thought that
herons might eat frogspawn – apparently a friend of hers woke up one
morning to find frogspawn all over her patio, where a heron had
accidentally dropped it mid-flight. That is quite dramatic – I was woken up
last night by a fox, trying to steal our brown bin from outside our front
door – it had managed to drag it all the way to the pavement, but
fortunately hadn’t got the lid off – that would have been a bit of a horror
to find in the morning, not sure whether better or worse than frogspawn

*Crafting group*
Thanks to everyone who has been sending me their old Christmas cards – I
think I’ve got about 1000 now, so there will be plenty of work for the
crafting group to do.  I was thinking that we could probably re-start in
mid May when we are allowed to be inside with up to 6 people.  If you
might be interested in coming along (I think we may start in the hall, as
the lighting contractors will be in the church), do let me know, as we
might have to box and cox a bit to make sure there’s only 6 of us.

*A sad au revoir -*
As some of you may already know, Michael Waugh and Ollie (greyhound) will
be packing their bags this weekend, as they are leaving London to  be
nearer Michael’s daughter.  I will selfishly really miss not having him
over the road, as he always has the right tool for the job whenever I am at
church and missing something – I’m thinking especially of the fruit picker
for getting off the high plums from the tree outside the church!  But the
good news is that he hasn’t had to sell the house, as his son and family
will be moving in more-or-less straight away after, so we will soon have
new neighbours opposite St John’s.  All the best Michael, we will really
miss you, and hope that we might see you when you come back to London from
time to time –


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