Mid-Week Update from St Johns

Date: June 11, 2020

Dear friends,
As many of you will have read in the papers, the C of E is currently
considering how to open churches for private worship from July.  Stephen
has downloaded a massive document from the diocese which he, Graham and I
are now looking at, so that we can ensure we do everything that is required
to enable this.  We started looking at the document last night, and it
seems to have an extensive list of requirements, so we’ll also be checking
what the other churches in Wimbledon are planning to do and how as well,
since this is rather un-chartered territory for us all.  As soon as we
have a plan, we will let you know!

*A Scam – Please be aware*
I just wanted to alert you to an email scam that has been going around this
week, as it has affected a couple of people in our St John’s community,
including Stephen, whose email was hacked today…  It will look something
like this; Stephen (say) will be emailing you asking for a favour, which
(if you reply yes) turns out to be could you buy an Amazon voucher for him
as Amazon’s not working on his computer, and he needs to send it to a
relative for their birthday…. If you do this, they will intercept the
email and use the voucher and Stephen will be completely unaware unless you
call him to check.  So if you do find anyone emailing you for help, please
do just ring them to check before you buy anything.

*Flower of the Week*
And now, to cheer you up after that rather grotty section; flower of the
week goes to Ken and Alison Boydts – May I introduce you to ‘Just Joey’ who
they met at Polesden Lacy last year and bought for their garden.
Apparently it smells amazing too, as well as being beautiful (handsome?).

The Archdeacon wrote to Stephen earlier this week (not the Amazon scam!)
with a little video about International China Concern, which is one of our
church charities at the moment – and one that he has a personal involvement
in.  I’m going to include this in this email in case you would like to
watch it, but I’m very aware that we have only just sent out another email
all about money, so we’re not putting any pressure on anyone for this one!

I know some of you have completed the British Birds puzzle – if anyone else
would like the answers, just email me and I can let you have them.  And
just in case you have the appetite for something a little different,
Richard has sent me this one from the Radio Times.  I’ve found about half
of these I think, but I can’t see myself getting to 50.  (I did get the
one for the flower in the pot though!)

RT Big Picture Quiz.pdf

I think that’s it for this week, stay safe everyone, and hopefully we may
see each other from a distance at private prayer before too long.


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9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
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