Mid Week Update from St Johns – Happy St Georges Day!

Date: April 24, 2020

Happy St Georges Day!  Stephen has uploaded a couple of services which you
can listen to on https://soundcloud.com/stjohnswimbledon

Apologies this email wasn’t sent out yesterday; both my boys are back at
school (but at home) so my computer is now the classroom during the day,
and then I have to own up that I got caught by the ‘Sewing Bee’ last night
which polished off the rest of the day – I can’t believe how fast those
people run up the clothes; they are beyond amazing!

Oh – thinking of that reminds me… Catherine D sent me a great link to a
‘make your own face mask’ website – Whether you are interested or not in
making one, there’s some great pics of teddy bears grafting away, which are
really cute!

We have some more lovely photos, which I’m attaching for anyone who needs a
bit of spring in their house.

Spring Flowers 4.pdf
Spring Flowers 5.pdf
Spring Flowers 6.pdf

*St John’s ACM update* – we’re just checking what the other parish churches
are doing, as it looks as if the Wimbledon PCC’s ACM will be delayed until
the end of the summer.  We think we’d probably like to issue our report
soon anyway – but it may be that we have to hold a quick meeting when we
are all back in church later in the year to ratify it.  We’ll send a
separate email when we have made a cunning plan.

As some of you may know, over Easter, I’ve been rereading some of the
classics – I loved this line in ‘Mansfield Park’ – it’s at the point at
which two of the characters seem very likely to be engaged, but because the
girl’s father is out of the country, it can’t be formalised… Mrs Norris,
their widowed aunt, who is very mean in every way, gets the following line
– *”No other attempt was made at secrecy, other than Mrs Norris talking of
it everywhere as a matter not to be talked of at present.”   *Despite
being written over 200 years ago, it holds so true today really doesn’t it
– or at least it would do if we could get out and have a good old gossip –
maybe one day!

Until then, I hope you are all staying well, and please do get in touch if
we can help you out with anything, especially if you are stuck at home and
need errands run.

With love


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