Mid-week update from St Johns

Date: January 20, 2021

Dear all,

Well, I wonder if many of us have just switched on to watch the
inauguration now; I might wait till the 10pm news I think…

*Update on Stephen’s Housing*
Mandy arranged a Zoom meeting with the St John’s committee on Monday to
show us the current plans for the new parish housing. It was very
interesting and good to see. They are ready now to take the plans to
planning stage, but before they do that, the PCC is having an open Zoom
meeting on *3rd Feb (8.15pm)* that anyone in the parish can attend. Mandy
has arranged for Marcus Beale the architect to be there, to present the
plans to everyone, and give us all a chance to ask any questions before the
project is submitted to Merton Planning Dept. Just thought it would be
good to let everyone know the date now, so you can put it in your diaries
if you are interested in attending. We will send out the Zoom link nearer
the time.

Thanks very much to all in the parish housing committee who have got it to
this stage – there is a representative from each of the churches onboard
along with Mandy and the Parish Wardens, so we now have Vanessa Forster and
Jane Austin involved from St John’s.

RIP John Sprake*
Sadly we just heard that John passed away before Christmas. I’m sure
you will remember him, he started coming to St John’s more recently when he
moved into Kew House with his wife (who sadly died shortly after they moved
in). His daughter let us know that they had a small service for him at a
local crematorium as per his wishes, and Kelly kindly passed on condolences
from all of us at St John’s.

I will always have very fond memories of his excellent railway stories and
also the tales of his latest cooking exploits – a hobby that he took up in
Kew House. He was one of those people who always made you feel more
cheerful after you had had a chat with him and I know that although he had
been unable to make it up to St John’s this year, Sally had been visiting
him regularly, when she went to give communion.

I was looking through my photos, and I found one which I thought I’d
include, of John sitting in his usual place at the end of the service where
he was easy to find for a chat!

The Friday concerts*
Rob and I were chatting about this, and we’ve decided that we will stop the
Friday concerts on Zoom for the meantime – it was quite a bit of work for
Rob to put together, and not many people have attended, so we’ve realised
that really they need to be live to be properly enjoyed. Fingers crossed
that we may be able to do this before the year is out!

Obituary for Celia Hensman*
Celia is another member of the Kew House community that Sally has got to
know over the past few years. Sadly she also passed away recently
(Sally’s taking her funeral next week). Although she is not part of the
St John’s community, Stephen found her obituary in The Times, and I’ve
included it below as it really is a cracking read: I actually felt slightly
jealous that I didn’t know her – she just sounds wonderful!

Quiz Answers
*Proverbs and sayings: quiz answers.pdf

Radio Times Quiz: IMG_20210113_RT08.pdf

Kangaroo Maths: Pink Kangaroo Answers.pdf

*And finally..*
Something cheerful, to tide us through to spring – When I was walking in
Cannizaro Park on Monday, I came across a whole area of snowdrops – if you
want to find them, they are in the woods, at the end of the long lawn (if
you keep walking past the hotel, keeping it on your left then follow the
path), once you get into the woods, they are on the left just behind the
gardens of the houses at the top of the slope.


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