Sunday 2nd August Service back at St John’s

Date: August 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

*I was glad when they said unto me, we will go into the house of the LORD.*

It is a delight to be able to welcome you back to church for Holy Communion
tomorrow morning. We are beginning a provisional opening in August with the
hope of a full reopening of our two services (and all age provision) in

*Holy Communion*

We shall have a short, said service of Holy Communion tomorrow morning at
10:15. There is an inevitable sense of experimentation about tomorrow, so
please do bear with us.

We are keeping to the 2m rule, and we should be able to allow in about 22
‘bubbles’. If you are not able to get a seat, let us know and we shall see
what we can do – perhaps we shall hold another another service later in the
day or in the week. As an experiment tomorrow, I shall bring Holy Communion
to you in your pew.

Some important points:

*Please sit at one of the marked places in the pews.*

*We strongly request that you wear a mask/face coverings tomorrow, but this
shall be mandatory from August 8th.*

*You must sanitise your hands when entering and exiting the building. This
is a condition of entry.

Please take your liturgy booklets home with you to recycle.*

*Online Services*

You should feel no pressure to come back to church before you are ready,
and so we shall continue our online service provision throughout August –
they should be online later today. The order of service can be found here:
Trinity 8 Online.pdf

*Private Prayer*

Will continue between 6-7pm on Wednesdays.


Tomorrow you get a choice of provision – you can listen to the Archdeacon
of Wandsworth preach on the Gospel in our online service, but in church you
can hear me preach on the alternative first reading, Jacob wrestling the
Angel, and a recording shall be uploaded tomorrow afternoon. And for those
who missed it, we have an excellent sermon online from Wed 22nd on St Mary
Magdalen here.


*(I’m afraid that in the mêlée of reopening I didn’t make note of this,
but I’ve put it in my diary for next year.)*

The people of God in ancient times presented to the Lord an offering of
first-fruits as a sign of their dependence upon God for their daily bread.
Jesus said, ‘I am the bread of life; those who come to me shall never be
hungry and those who believe in me shall never thirst.’

Lammas or ‘Loaf-mass’ (derived from the Anglo-Saxon *Hlafmaesse*) is an
English feast in origin, held on 1 August as a thanksgiving for the
first-fruits of the wheat harvest. Traditionally, a newly baked loaf from
the wheat harvest was presented before God within the mass of that day.
While the ceremony ceased at the Reformation, reference to Lammas Day
continued in the Prayer Book calendar, and the practice has been revived in
some places in more recent years. A prayer:

*O ALMIGHTY God, and heavenly Father, we glorify thee that thou hast again
fulfilled to us thy gracious promise, that, while the earth remaineth,
seed-time and harvest shall not fail. We bless thee for the kindly fruits
of the earth, which thou hast given to our use. Teach us, we beseech thee,
to remember that it is not by bread alone that man doth live; and grant us
evermore to feed on him who is the true Bread from heaven, Jesus Christ our
Lord, to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, world
without end. Amen.

*Those who find such things interesting, can find further details here

With kind regards,


Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist