The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

Date: September 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

Our online Book of Common Prayer service can be found here:

*Diddy Disciples

*As previously mentioned, there won’t be a service of BCP Holy Communion in
church tomorrow at 8:30am, but we shall instead be holding our service for
Small Children and Parents at 9:30am. Please bring a blanket!

I’m hoping that this is a one off, and in the coming months we shall have
both BCP and Diddy Disciples on the 2nd Sunday.

*Our Online Services

*We recorded our first service last week, and I shall try to improve the
quality of the sermon recording – we plan on investing in some further
digital equipment to help with this in the coming weeks.

*Last week’s sermon, including the Old Testament in 3 mins!

*I was so glad to hear the good feedback about last week’s sermon. A
re-recording shall be online tomorrow afternoon. If you enjoyed my swift
summary of the Old Testament then might I suggest glancing at the

*The Old Testament in 12 mins (here
The Bare Bible (2018) *by Peter Graystone*
The One Hour Bible *(2019) by Philip Law

*The Rule of Six
Worship services do not appear to be included in the recent lockdown
provisions – The Bishop of London said on the 9th: *”I welcome confirmation
from the Prime Minister that places of worship can still hold more than six
people in total, despite the new restrictions on gatherings, and the
reassurance that public worship can continue. *We will continue to work
with the Government on specific areas relating to our churches and
church-based activities.”

*Ordination to the Diaconate

*Even with the new restrictions, we hope that the new Team Curate, Alastair
Newman will be ordained Deacon on Saturday 19th September. In the midst of
the service, the Bishop will speak this charge to those about to be
ordained: *In the name of our Lord, we bid you remember the greatness of
the trust in which you are now to share: the ministry of Christ himself,
who for our sake took the form of a servant. Remember always with
thanksgiving that the people among whom you will minister are made in God’s
image and likeness. In serving them you are serving Christ himself, before
whom you will be called to account. *You cannot bear the weight of this
calling in your own strength, but only by the grace and power of God. Pray
therefore that your heart may daily be enlarged and your understanding of
the Scriptures enlightened. Pray earnestly for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

*Pray that your clergy may constantly remember this first, great calling.

With kind regards,


Service times


8:15am Holy Communion (BCP)
9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
10:15am Sung Eucharist