Online Service 3rd Sunday of Easter

Date: April 26, 2020

Good Evening,

I hope you’ve enjoyed our various celebrations of St George and St Mark in
the last few days – and our celebrations continue tomorrow looking at St
Luke’s account of the Road to Emmaus.

I attach our readings for tomorrow and hope that will join with me in
prayer as we celebrate the Eucharist here. Easter 3 Online.pdf

I hope to continue to offer a recording of daily prayer throughout the
week, which I hope people are finding helpful. I look forward to our
commemoration of St Philip & St James on Friday May 1st.

Our services can be found here:

Although the church is sadly closed, we still need to pay our regular bills
– Parish Share to the Diocese, insurance, utilities, salaries to those we
employ and so on. Thank you to those who give via your bank – and
especially to those who have started to do this since we had to close.
Those who normally give via envelopes or cash in the collection bags each
Sunday might like to think about giving via your bank while the church is
closed. If you would like further information about how to do this, do
check look on our website, and  Rachel can provide you with further

I hope to write a little more to you later this week. But in the meantime,
Rosie Remarks:

This week I have been struck by the number of conversations I’ve had about
touch. A number of friends, living alone for whatever reason this lockdown
period, have expressed their need for physical contact. I see it at work
too, when we occasionally sweatily embrace each other through PPE or hold a
patient’s hand through plastic gloves because there is comfort there.

The disciples didn’t recognise Jesus, how often could we say the same
about ourselves? And then, in the act of faithful familiarity, it hits
them. I wonder when they arrived in the upper room to share in confused
celebrations, did they embrace other disciples? I have always imagined so.

You continue to be in my prayers, particularly those who may be feeling
the loss of physical contact with others. When this is over, and we meet
again, there will be a relief for some in hands shaking or cheeks being
kissed or arms hugging. Until then, I pray the love of God brings you

Best Wishes

Stephen & Rosie

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