Third Sunday of Epiphany

Date: January 24, 2021

Dear Friends,

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*Online Zoom Coffee Morning, Sunday 11AM*

If you are are finding the dark January days a little wearing, we are
trying an experiment tomorrow morning. The link below should take you to a
Zoom meeting where we can hopefully see each others faces, and catch up
over coffee/tea in our own homes. We’ve never done this before, so we shall
see how it works tomorrow.

Meeting ID: 933 7614 6884

Passcode: 851930

*Vaccination Centres

*Several people have asked whether St John’s could be used as a vaccination
centre. I was quite moved by the images of Lichfield and Salisbury
Cathedrals being used as vaccination centres, and would be delighted to
have Rob play the organ for the good people of Wimbledon as they are
vaccinated – but sadly after checking, we don’t meet the space or parking
requirements stipulated by the NHS.

*Gospel Thoughts from the Scottish Bible Society*

John often tells us about events not related in the other Gospels. The
wedding at Cana is one of them. Only a few short words are exchanged
between Jesus and Mary.
When Mary speaks about the need for wine, Jesus takes this to mean she is
asking him to do something about it. But he is reluctant. Mary doesn’t give
hope. She simply tells the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them. Mary
ask for a miracle in so many words but perhaps this is what she is hoping
Jesus instructs the servants to fill six huge stone jars with water. Th e
follow Jesus’ instructions and the water miraculously becomes wine.
We are not specifically told whether the wedding guests know about this
at the time. We are however told that the disciples did know about it and
this miracle caused them to believe in Jesus.
■ Meditate on the symbolism in this miracle – the bride and groom, a
celebration, the new wine.
■ How surprised are you that Jesus’ first miracle is turning water into
wine? Why
do you think Jesus went ahead and performed the miracle?
■ What does this passage reveal about what Mary believed about her son?
Allow God to cherish you and lavish the gifts of his Spirit on you. We are
of the church, which the Bible tells us is the bride of Jesus himself. It
is his great
pleasure to lavish his love on his bride. As God’s love flows over you
remember God’s desire. Don’t lose heart. God can transform us – and his
church – as easily and wonderfully as Jesus transformed the wine.

With kind regards,


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9:00am Children's Service - Twice a month
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